onsdag, juli 30

Summer in Finland

I was just swimming in Finland, and it was quite cold, but Micke was more chicken than me. It was fun. But a lot colder than Costa Rica.
We bought a cycleergometer 4 months ago from Lidl, it still does not work, today we called Lidl and canceled the whole thing, so now we get 120 euros back. Now we will get some more space in the living room. And can have a nice dinner in La Bodega.

Some pictures from the nice hotel in Jaco:

I am home

I have now been home for almost a whole day and it feels so great. I guess the best part of my trip was to get to see Micke. I didn't almost recognaize him at the airport, but that was mostly because I had slept around 1,5 hours in 24 hours and did not know anything about the world, and that his hair stood straight up and he was hiding behind a screen. I think I haven't been as tired as I was yesterday ever in my life. When we went out walking with Jigi, Micke had to walk both me and Jigi. It feels so good to be back home with him. It felt really unreal yesterday to be with him, more like a dream, and I tought I was dreaming many times, maybe I still am.

My flight went really well also, no big dealys, and no problems gettign ot the flights. My biggest problem was sitting beside a kid that couldn't be still, and when he tried to sleep he was just kicking me. Lovely. And I got the best cheescake ever on the plane. I was really sick of flying, so know I would like to have a break from that. I shopped something at every airport, one big, big wedding magazine in Newark and 1kg M&Ms in Copenhagen, tought we can need them for the wedding, or just eating.

Now I have had a good breakfast, without eggs, and soon we are going to some beach. Then I have a lot of washing to do, Micke had somehow forgot to wash clothes for the whole time I was gone, and I also have to wash all the clothes I had with me, since it was so humid there. A lot of fun. But here I get to kiss Micke as much as I want, so I don't really care about anything else.

måndag, juli 28

San Jose airport

I am now at the airport, waiting to board. This tiem it is Newark-Copenhagen-Helsinki. I just wish I will have time to catch my second flight, since I have only 2 hours in Newark.

I don't really get how people can eat pizza, burgers, warm cheesy breads for breakfast. After this month here and egg almost every morning, I will not eat eg for a long time.

Yesterday was really sunny in Jaco, so now I have at least seen the sun, and a lot of screamy kids in the pool.

Yes, my brain is empty.

söndag, juli 27


I am really full right now. Had some great tortillas, with great teriyaki chicken and a one liter passion fruit juice, and on top of that coffee and icecream. So hard to walk.

I have to write something about the greatest things in Costa Rica. These are the waterfalls. There are waterfalls everywhere, especially where we were doing the rafting. It is so pretty. We also almost went into a waterfall with the rafting boat, and it came down so so fast, that even if we were 2 meters from it, the water from it hurt, since it came down with so much "power". Another great things are the butterflies. In all the different colors, but the most special one is the blue morpho. And the Iguanas. Everwhere, and so colorful and cute.

The hotel we had last night was also a pearl: http://www.cancionesdelmar.com/
The pictures at there website are not reflecting the reality at all, so much better in reality. Today we got a better room, bigger room than expected, but it is nothing like the hotel last night. Canciones del mar had a jacuzzi on the roof, and also a bar and restaurant there, and the greatest wiev. Wau.

2 nights left, then I see Micke. The last week I have been missing him so, so much. Have gone early to bed, to have one day less until I see him. And now he is really cute watching after Jigi, when my mom left for Hammamet, Tunis. I just love him so, so much.

lördag, juli 26

Sweaty hotel searching

Now me and Alex are in Jaco, by the pacific coast in Costa Rica. This morning we jumped on the bus at 7, were here at 10, found our hotel at 1. And it was hot, sweaty and horrible. The problem was that all the nicer hotels are booked between saturday and sunday, and we wanted to stay in the same one.
The perfect one that we found had only space for one night. In the end we decided to stay in the perfect one for 1 night, and in a really expensive, ugly, not as nice best wetern the second night.(150dollars) But this hotel is worth the trouble. It is just so personal, and lovely and we have a kitchen and all the details are perfect and it is right by the beach and it has a cute little pool. I will put pictures later. And this one was 85 dollars. For two.

Soon the rain will start. And I need a nap.

fredag, juli 25

Great adventures in the rain

I have jsut got back to San Jose from a beutiful, great, exciting, wet one day trip of white water rafting. Or river rafting as I would like to call it. According to national geopraphic, this is the 5th best river for doing rafting and it was just totally great.

We were 6 persons, plus one instructor in a boat, we elarned commands such as paddle forward, back, get inside the boat (we were sitting on the sids) and go to one side. The whole trip took like 4 hours, with many rapids (the parts with a lot of waves and virvlar), around 50. First I was sitting in the middle, but then I was "befodrad" to sit in the front and it was so lovely, we got so so wet, totally wet, but no one from our boat fell over. In the beginning it was sunny and calm, but then it started raining so so much, but it was warm rain, the best rain ever, we also saw and heard the lightening and thunder from really close, and we were just all the time in the middle of the forest, no cars or anything else, just green trees, some birds, blue morphos and us. Mmm. I would so want to do it again. Want to travel to places to do it. It wasnt scarry at all, just fun.

Yesterday when we were coming back from university for peace(1h from the center), where we had held our presentation, there was a big storm also. the problem with this is that in the area there are many landslides, and one had happened, and sort of made the road even smaller and we still passed it. Were a bit afraid for more landslides, or getting stuck in the road, or fallin in to a river. Excting, but this was scarry. Tonight is the last time I see everybody. Tomorrow some beach.

onsdag, juli 23

Back in San Jose

I am still great here. Ready to come home, but have still 2+2+1+1 night left. I am back in San Jose and we have finished our crappy research repport and today is time for the presentation, luckily I am not presenting it. Tomorrow is the last day of the programme and we go whitewater reafting. Yei!

On Friday I am going to some beach place to get some sun, since there has not been so much time for taking sun here. Sunday I come back to San Jose, sleep one night here, and then it is time to travel back to Finland, for around 24 hours. And then I get to see Micke, and Jigi. Waiting. But it has been a really great month here, and the time has gone so, so fast.

fredag, juli 18

Sand, bites and slow internet

Internet is really, really slow here, and the mosquitos or somethign else really hungry. On the beach there are big waves with a lot of sand.

Otherwise I am quite happy here, have ther perfect hostmom, great, great food and nice friends. Except our stupid assignments.

Having my last spanish class today, and on Sunday we go back to San Jose and next Monday I come home. I am going to hug and kiss Micke broken.

onsdag, juli 16

the land of bridges

This is the land of bridges, there are small rivers(flod) everywhere, and they are only meant for one car, and they are in quite bad shape. I have checked the emergency exits on the bus in case it falls in the river.

my flip flops broke down, I bought new ugly ones.

tisdag, juli 15

Go canopy

Go Canopy!

Wau! have had so great days the last days. Just amazing! On Saturday we visited a hydroelectric plant and windmills. That was okay. Later we went to some hot springs by the lake and volcano Arenal. Arenal is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and it is really close to the village. In the evening, after the relaxing time in around 16 different hot springs and an expensive mojito, we saw some lava flows form the volcano. it was quite cloudy and dark, but we saw the red stuff coming up from the volcano and falling down on one side. I guess I will never see that again. You feel quite small when you see something like that. The hot springs were hot, most of the water was around 40 degrees and there were a lot of bars in the pools, and also some “chairs” in the water, and a lot of waterfalls. It was quite a romantic place, even if there were all too many people for it to be romantic, but our 3 new couples had fun there. I missed Micke and stayed with the not single girls. We are 19 in the program, and have already 3 couples. 6 out of 19, that is like 30%. That could be INEXs new marketing strategy.

On Sunday we did something truly amazing. It was just incredible, amazing, wonderful and totally great. We did canopy in a cloud forest. The last cable was 250 meters long and we started the last cable from a height of 40 meters, in an extremely old big tree. This was all done in the jungle, among the trees, we went above the trees, with no roads somewhere. In total we went by 11 cables. Then we also did a Tarzan swing, we just swung back and forward, straight over the trees inside the forest, high, high above the ground. First I was a bit scared, since I am not so fond of heights. But it felt so great after doing it, and so worth it. We had a helmet and 3 security leaches. If you ever get an opportunity to do, go for it!

In the evening we got to Quepos, and our new hostfamilies for the week. Me and a German girl lives with such a great women. We share a room that is outside the real house, and we have a lot of air-condition things. Quepos is by the pacific coast, and here we have Spanish classes and then we are interviewing people for a course in sustainable tourism. The questions come from the earth charter, and they are horrible. I am so ashamed to ask them, the academic courses here has not been so great. Monday morning we had an interview with the ministry of agriculture, after that we went to the beach in Manuel Antonio, wau. It was great. A lot of waves, but great. It is so, so, so pretty and green here, and Quepos is such a cute little town. And this hostmom is so great. She is so loving and caring and her 3 dogs are the greatest, they are clean and healthy and part of the family, and that is not so common here. 2 are cocker spaniels and when, the cutest one, a mix. Always when you greet at it, it lays down on the back. I was thinking it could be nice to have a dog like that, because with that one you could travel in airplanes. And it is so cute, I would like to have a dog, I miss having a dog, but Jigi will be with us when I get home. Dogs are expensive.

fredag, juli 11


I have just had a huge breakfast. Gallo pinto (rice mixed with beans) an omelett of 2 eggs, 2 slices of bread with butter and pineapple marmelade, and pineapple, coffee and juice. I am full.

Today is the last day of class for this week. Tomorrow we are going to the electricity provider of Costa Rica, and then to hot springs by the active volcano Arenal. On Sunday we are going to do canopy (play tarzan n the jungle) and then whole next week we are in Quepos for spanish class, beachlife and interviews about peoples values for sustainability. It is on the pacific coast.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes again. They coste like 9 euros.

torsdag, juli 10


Studying hard hear in Costa Rica. Our courses are about sustainable development and sustainable tourism.

Yesterday evening we had danceclass and after that we went out, had some great mojitos. I really like them. Mmm There were sparkling candles in the drinks. So loved them. But got home early. But I am still tired today.
I have problems with shoes. I don’t have any shoes to wear, since they all hurt my feet a lot. I bought I new pair in a big shopping mall on Tuesday. They look so
good, but they also hurt. Hate shoes. So have to buy a new pair. Again.

måndag, juli 7

Fabulous long weekend

We had a long and great weekend by the beach, and now all my clothes are dirty and I have burned my left shoulder.

On Thursday night we had dance classes, and I was on such a high and so happy from the dancing and latino music that we continued to another place. There was a group dancing a the scen with quite nice bodies, and rhytm, but their faces were not so great. The drink there wer cheap, less than 1,5 euros. And caipirinha 2.

On Saturday morning we started at 7 and left for a banana plantation. It was such a learningfull experience, of course we had to wait a lot for nothing, but at least I know from where the bananas come. And I think these workers had it quite well, even if they get only like 18 dollars for 9 hours work. We ate some coconuts there and listened to why Costa Rica is the best bananaproducer in quality. Eat Costa Rican banana! In the evening we arrived in Puerto Vejo in out hotel la perla negra on the black beach. We went to town and had some dinner and drinks. I was supposed to get home early, but there were no taxis, so we were looking for like 2 hours. Yep!

On Saturday we had early wake-up again, and went to tha national park called cauhita. It is a really beautiful park and we were going to see snakes there, by the trail and so on. I was freaking out. I almost did at one point. I had to walk the trail, like 1,5 hours, to be able to go snorkeling so I walked it, but most of the time I looked down. We saw I snake, I saw the snake. A yellow snake on a tree, really tiny. I just continued walking. Uhh. We went snorkeling from a small, small coral beach, a really beautiful beach. There were a lot of fish in the water, but the visibility was not so great and then I got cramp, that was also and interesting thing, since I dropped half of my raspberry colored bikini top. yei. On the way back, by boat, to the beach. It rained, and it rained a lot. The waves were coming in the boat, luckily we ad a good driver, but at some points I was a bit worried. Luckily the rain was warm and my camera safe.

In the evening we went eating again, to a place with 2 for the price of 1 happy hour. I drank mojito and they went quite fast up to my head. We sang to Malin for her birthday and danced a bit. Later we got back to our hotel and had a fire on the beach.

Sunday we were free to do whatever we wanted. For most of us that meant taking sun. The hotel was right by the beach and there was also a pool. Just chilled to whole day and in the evening we came back to San Jose. Now I have slept a good night sleep, I am wearing a shoulderless top and my classes will start soon. Just heard they had been without water the whole weekend here, happy I was not here.

This country is just so beautiful

torsdag, juli 3

onsdag, juli 2


I am in shool right now. It is called ULACIT. We have a professor that likes talking. And he is quite interesting. We just had lunch. I had fish, rich and banana.

Yesterday I went to bed at 8, and got up at 6.30. Guess I was a bit tired.

I am downloading msn right now... That's it.

Writing in the tropical storm

Okay. It isn´t that bad. It´s not really a storm. Just a lot of water. A lot. It apparently rains every day here until november. So my umbrella was such a good investment. My submarine shoes was maybe not. I got blisters with them the first day and my old ones are broken so my feet are swiming in rainwater.But it doesn´t matter.

I am now in an internet cafe, my computer wroks, but no wireless in the family. I am living with a family in a house. ANd I am still tired if you didn´t notice. Okay the mom is 65, looks like 52 and dresses like 40. SHe has 3 children in the ages of 25-25 living in the home (one is a bit handicapped, but really nice). Two of the children has also one child who live there (9 and 12). Then there still is another child living by the house. I have my own room, with a bed, table and place for my cltohes. Then in my room is a big bathroom with shower and toilet.

The programme started for real yesterday and it seems really great. We have a lot of programme, so I won´t get so Micke sick hopefully. Yesterday we met the families and in the evening we went out. But I was only for like 1,5hours because I was tired, the place was really crowded, I started to miss Micke and it was early wake-up today. INEX trought which this is organized is an NGO and the persons in charge of this programme are 25 and 26, and started with this 4 years ago. What am I doing with my life?

Today we went to a coffee-plantation and I got the best introduction to coffee making and history ever. So the best. It was theatre. Wau. Then I bought some organic coffee. Will need a new bag to get all my things home. I will write a diary of this day for the inex diary, so I will maybe put it here also.

The keyboard is really bad at this computer. Will stop writing. It also stopped raining.