måndag, februari 16

Honeymoon, here we come

This, on Kuredu, is where we are going to spend 13 nights. But first a long, long trip there.

The presents

Will later be back about what exactly we got, because it was a lot, a lot. People are crazy, but of course in a good sence. Our honeymoon will be great, filled with a lot of trips (we wished mostly for it, and suprises and experiences) fishing, sunset cruise and robinson cruseo trips plus extra trips. It will be so, so great.

And all the things, material stuff, wau!!

Thank you everybody. We appreciate them a lot.

It will be 31 degrees on the Maldives for the whole week. Paradise!

söndag, februari 15

The car

On my camera there is only one picture.

Wedding night

We spent last night in Radisson Sas, behind Kamppi. We had a small suite, and when we got there we had a fruitplate, chocolate and a note thanks to our great friends. In the morning we got breakfast to room. And the bed was so big. It was a great wedding night!

The food

And as a starter a fishplate.

Thank yous

Our day was truly amazing, so much better than I ever could have imagined, so perfect. I never guessed it would feel that good to get married or that I would be that nerveous when I had to answer "yes". Everythgin went so well, I had so much fun, I also believe the gusets had. But this could not have happened without a lot of persons.

My mom - She was just so great. She did so, so much. Ordered the car, talked with the catering, got a chauffeur, got candles all the way from the church to the party place, get the perfect band to play. (they were really good) and gave a lot of great ideas, a lor of suprises, put everything together, cleaned up, had a great speach. Withour her the wedding would have been so lame.

Lee - Thank you. Put together or bachelor/bachelorette party book (have not yet seen), helped me to the toilte, made playlists, just been there. Thank you. Thank you Dagny and Lee for the great speech.

Lee, Pedu, Chride, Dagny - The bridemaids and bestmen, were great, had a great suprise in the hotel room. First thing I did when we got there was to cry, of joy.

Marina, Lees mom - Helped a lot with the decorations.

Birre - Everybody loved the sillröra, and my earrrings were perfect

Ruffe& Robban - Our toastmasters. Wau. They just got the party started, such a good job. We sang a lot of snapssongs and it went so great. I hoep they also had time to enjoy.

Fanny, Markus, Martin, Lina and Linas friend - Thanks for the beautiful songs.

And thanks to all the guests for the great presents, we wished for mostley money, but we also got a lot of useful houshold stuff and money, maybe we'll buy a TV with it. The presetns were amazing, just looked trough them quickly.

Tinna, Anja, Jade, Olivia - Thanks for coming from far away to celebrate with us. You are great. Wau.

Ecci- My younger brother for filming a lot at the wedding.

I am sure I forgot many people, the list could be made very long.

I am so, so happy as mrs Lönnblad. And tomorrow we leave for the Maldives. 13 days in the sun.

My hair

Didn't want to have it down or in my face. The tiara is especially cute.

My bouquet

It was so extremely pretty. Don't have so many photos of my own.

The cake

Chocolate - passioncake. So yummi.

My dress

My dress was lovely!! Loved it. Rented it from suomen pukuvuokraamo. It was long.

Mrs Lönnblad

The day was so perfect. I am so happy, so, so happy.

I am so in love with my husband.

The best day ever.

lördag, februari 14

Today is the day

Yei. Have been some hectic 2 days. Very hectic. But today I am just gonna enjoy. Couldn't sleep so much, so at 2 o´clock I ate and wrote a letter and polished my nails, then I laughed in bed with Jade. So excited now.

Things are not done, but they will never be. My mom is great, read Västra Nyland. She has just done so, so, so much.

Yesterday we decorated, it turned out good, I am happy. And so many helpful people, without them it would have become nothing. I was there at 3 and got home 10.

I have chocolate brown hair.

I am disappointed that Tomppa can't cme with his family, and that there are so few people coming with the bus, only 13 from Helsinki, that is so sad, since we are paying a lot for it. But that is life. I have a pretty dress. Now the hairdresser!!!

torsdag, februari 12

Feel good...

Now I am actually looking forward to the wedding, there will be so many nice people I have not seen in a long time.

Feel a bit better today, but still tired.

Jade is coming. Yei. I love her, she is the best. So now I am rethinking the seating order... Fun.

2 days..

Last night I was in the Maldives, the water was so pretty.

Today my guests, the last one arriving last night, went to Tallinn for a day. I am still watiting with panic if a 4th one should show up, would not suprise me at all. If she does I just have to redo the seating order... But I would of course be happy.

I will also pick up my dress today, and maybe go to Pojo. We'll see.

onsdag, februari 11

Perfect wedding day 2

I am getting sick. Always starts with a sore troath, which I have now, and then I am deadly tired with a killer headache. Great!

tisdag, februari 10

Perfect weddingday

Our wedding day will be so perfect. 0 degrees and water mixed with snow. Great!

Our big house

It is quite crowded in our house, having 2 lovely guests here. I am tired. Confused, don't know what to do. 5 more days, everything will just be a mess.

söndag, februari 8

Less than a week

In one week me and Micke are hsuband and wife.

Of course Micke had to proove yesterday what an ass he could be, by drinking all too much whiskey. (He just can't drink in his limits if we have whiskey at home, so the solution has been, and will be from now forward to have no whiskey in the house. So no irish coffees for me). After thinking it trough I still have decided to marry him, so next Sunday I will be a wife.

Now I will continue eating choclatecake with moccafrosting (my english name for mockarutor) and wait for Tinna to arrive. She comes to Finland at 8 o´clock tonight. It is around 4 years since I saw her last time.

torsdag, februari 5

My ring

I love my ring. It is so bling, bling but still so practical and so forever. It looks like many rings, but it is specially made for me so no one will have a similar one.

It is a titan ring (stronger than the othere stuff) with 9 diamonds, since we get married 09. I want to wear it now. Only 9 days left.

No concentration

I can't concentrate on shoolstuff anymore. Just dreaming about our days at Kuredu (hotel at Maldives), picking up my lovely expensive ring today and so on. Eating fastlagsbulle.

I am in shool, pretending to do something, but I have decided I have come far enough, so when I come back I will have some busy 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a lot of time if you are concentrated, and I will be. I won't complain of being back in cold, wet Finland, I will just look forward for the summer (ohh, I don't have a summerjuob yet...) I will be tanned, married and live happily ever after.

The last row is sarcastic.

onsdag, februari 4

Day off

Today was meant to be my big "last day to do on bachelor thing before honeymoon", but no. I just could not. No motivation. So had had sort of a day off. (Micke did not have any shool so it did not really motivate me)

But it has been a great day. Went for "runebergstårta" with Micke after looking at tiaras (did not buy any), also bought sunglasses and more sunscreen (this time for sunallergic skin) and inc. Have now printed everything I need on the homeprinter, when printing in shool all my printcredits run out so have to buy new ones tomorrow.

And now we just trained the dance for the wedding, it was the best moment of the day. Now I actually look forward to the wedding, it was so much fun dancing and fooling around with Micke. Luckily everybody will be drunk when we dance, so no pressure for us. We will just have fun.


No fusku yesterday. Not good.

But got some other samrt things done, for example a "raseriutbrott" on my computer, started hitting on it and crying and freaking out since it would not work. I am so annoyed with word. Why can't I just place the words where I want to? Luckily Micke came and saved the situation and finished the nameplace signs, ohterwise I would not have a computer anymore.

I hate word. We have to print part of the programthing on our homeprinter, since you can't put the pages in the same document (one is a whole page while the other is 2 pages on one), so you have to print one document first, put in the paper again and then print the other one. It worked quite well, except the inc run out, the text is much bolder than that of the other pages and non of the text is where it is supposed to be on the paper.

Still so much to do, and I should jsut focus on writing other things, which I also do in word.

Lee is so the greatest, so the best. She has put together the music we will have when the band is not playing. It helps so much. Thank you.

tisdag, februari 3

I´m alive

11 days until the wedding. Uh.
Writing on the bachelorthing, no motivation today.
Worked yesterday, will work Friday.
Tinna arrives on Sunday, Olivia Monday and Anja on Wednesday. Need mattrasses. And pillows.
Our home is a mess.
Tonight we dance fusku. Have to.

That's all.