onsdag, april 30

My first time drunk/drinking

It was exactly 8 years since I started drinking, I was 14 and it was vappen. It was late, we were really good girls and knew alcohol and smoking was bad, but this day it changed, and after that we were not so good anymore.

I don't remember so much from the first time, but I still remember. We walked from Lee to Fiskars and we drank salmiakkikossu on the way and also smoked a bit. I remember falling down the grass and getting my shoes dirty. And then Lee, the most respnsible one, called Dagnys parents, or her own. And I found my brother, borrowed this really big old cellphone and called my mom and said I was drunk and that she has to come and pick me up. This was 10 o'clock. I went to my brother, since he was already bad and knew what to do in situations like that.

I don't think my mom was so angry, can't remember.

After that the bad drinking started. I think I drank so much because I was not really happy, it felt so good to just float in the drunken world and not care. Now, 8 years later I am so much better at drinking, I know my limits, even if I cross them sometimes.

Now I am going to eat my feta, basilika, tomato muffins.

M&Ms chocolatedeal

Mine and Mickes choclate and candy deal (not to eat it for 4 weeks) worked fine. We had some choclateicecream, but that was not illegal. Now we will just celebrate valborg and first of may, and then continue with it again. Feels so much better without so much sugar.

I just watched P.S. I love you. I cried so so much, and I don't normally cry for movies, it was a good movie. Both happy and sad!

I already went fo a walk this morning, and now I have to write some shoolstuff, later I am going to make some muffins for tomorrows first of may picnic. I made my own struvor yesterday. It did not really go as planned, they are too soft. Maybe the oil was not hot enough, or too hot. But otherwise they were good.

Tonight we are going to watch/look at students putting the student hat on a statue.

måndag, april 28

I am going to be a wife

I behaved. I drank the bottle of wine at home, and then we went to a park and from there to a girl's place, McDonalds and from there to TF to ylonz-jatkon, and then home. And I saw Mixu. Or I send her a message, and she also came. It was so long ago since we saw each other. Has to be done again, since we live in the same place.

I liked Micke a lot at the TF jatkon, and then at one point I was so angry (he got beer for himself, but he didn't get me water and I was deadthirsty). But he was so cute when he presented me as his wife to be to all his old friends. It's real, we are getting married. I am so so happy!
Some great pictures:

lördag, april 26

Semi-drunken Saturday night evening

I am still having fun with the wine. Micke got home, had some fun with him too. Then I had fun with the camera, here are the results:
Now we are going to the center, to a park. Have to behave.

Vina Sol

Went for a long walk, made a good salad, did some shoolworks, opened a bottle of cold white wine and now I am searching for wedding inspiration (means youtube).


It's such a great Saturday. The sun is shining and it's warm outside. Oh, that's where the greatness stops. I am inside, writing my last stupid finish exersice, Micke is gone (just for the day, he had some scoutstuff) and have nothing to look forward in this day. Except going out for a walk. And my coffee (it's on the way).

Helinmatkat turned out to be great. I got a mail from them the same day, and they will probably be the company fixing our honeymoon. It feels quite good. Even if I am good at booking trips, I can't do everything by myself, and they are professionals. And thenI don't have to stress about it. The problem with the time is that it is a "winter break" in Finland that week, and that's why it's good booking it now. It will be expensive, but worth it. And we want all inclusive, so then we can just be in paradise without worries. And it will also probalby be the Maldives, and a bungalow.

I am happy

fredag, april 25

I cut my hair

and I don't think it was such a great idea. I cut a ""pannlugg" (hair in the face), and now I remembered why I did not like it. I hate having hair in my eyes. And then I can't decide if I look lika an old, old woman, or if it just is nice. It is different at least, and I got so tired with my old hair. And this will grow back before the wedding. So it is okay.

I have done some wedding things today and yesterday:
-sent a mail about the food stuff.
-sent a mail about our honeymoon. Sent it the helinmatkat. They organize trips to all the places we could go to: Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Aruba, Curacao or Bonaire.
-decided to stick to the original colour theme: silver and light pink. Was thinking of blue, but since it's valentine's day and Micke will look good in light pink, I think we will stick to it.
-have also been wondering about where to take the pictures. I don't want them taken in a studio, it has to be outside, or in a nice room inside. I will just freeze to death if they are taken outside. I want them taken by the water.
-I have also looked at wedding haires and decided I do not want this perfect hair.
-found out we are poor and then cut my hair for 52 euros.

Now I feel better, I have at least done something

torsdag, april 24

Wedding flowers

Yesterday I booked my tickets to Costa Rica. I am getting back on Monday, so 3 days more I will stay. I am happy with that. I should have booked earlier, paid 60 euros more now.

I googled some wedding stuff and apperently I should be more wedding crazy and know more things. I don't. I found some flowers that looked nice.

måndag, april 21

When to get back from Costa Rica?

I don't know what to do. No idea. I have to be in Costa Rica between Monday 29.6- Friday 25.7. I could go there on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. No problem there. The problem is when I should get home. I could stay there and look around a bit in central america, but I am so sure that when the programe ends, the only thing I want to do is to come home and hug Micke. But I am still trying to be smart about this. In other words I should stay there for some days to have a chance to go to the beach. But a beach is nothing without Micke, and especially if I go alone, I will miss him even more. So should I just come home on Sunday. And then have some relaxing days in the finnish summer. Any ideas???


Today I sent a wedding related mail. I think it was the first. I asked how much a bus would cost from Pojo-Helsinki. A lot of people want to get back to Helsinki in the evening, so if it's not too expensive, we will maybe have a bus that would leave in the night, around 1 from pojo-helsinki.

Micke said a funny thing yesterday. If you are sensitive you should not read it. After work I bought some icecream, a Vienetta icecream cake. We had had dinner and we were watching something on the computer. I was taking my other small piece of icecream and asked if I should put it away or if he wants more. He told me to bring the wholeicecream, I said it is quite unhealthy, he said let's just eat the whole one and then we can have a lot of sex and burn it away.

söndag, april 20

Good Saturday!

Yesterday turned out to be a great day in the end. I got Micke to get up at around 1 and we cleaned the house, did some laundry and other boring stuff.
Later in the afternoon we went swimming to Itäkeskus. It is so nice to swim, you are just floating in the water and getting forward, and it is a good exercise. mine and Mickes greatest ideas always come from swimming. When we decided to go to Thailand, it just came as a crazy idea while swimming,and then we went home to book the tickets. We were in Thailand for 2 weeks in march 2007. Yesterday we were also water running, felt a bit weird.

After that we went to Memphis to eat, the bigger one on yliopistonkatu, and it was so perfect. It took a log time to get the food because the place was full, but the food was good, and we also ordered a bottle of sparkling wine, and we had a great semi private place. We had starters, main course and one desert (ice cream). I love eating out. Then we came home and changed our sheet and I went to bed. Work today, double salary. It is such a good feeling to sleep in clean sheet. Now the weather is perfect so will go for a walk before work. Have a great SUnday!!

lördag, april 19

Worrying girlfriend

Yesterday I was again working and I got home in the evening. Micke was helping some friends carry some heavy things for a new restaurant. As a thanks for that they went to another restaurant to eat a long dinner. Quite a nice thanks for 2 hours of work. At 11 I went to bed, have to continue writing today.

At 4 in the morning I woke up, my blanket was weird and I heared some weird noices in the staires, or outside, don't really know what it was. I saw that it was 4 o'clock, I could not find Micke anywhere in the house. I called him, he did not answer. I got worried. I called him again. No answer. I got more worried. Normally he does not get home so late, and all bars were closed and the trains had stopped coming to where we live. I decided to go out. I put some pants on and my jacket. I also had some toughts that maybe he lost all he had and was the one causing the noice. I walked down the stairs, did not find him, went out, he was not there either. I called him again. Then he fianlly answered. He had been in the same resturant the whole night.

I guess my way of reacting was a bit crazy, but I would go crazy if anything happened to him, and so many weird things happen.

fredag, april 18

No band

The concert was good. A good show, and we got to hear a lot of old songs. We also went for dinner before, to Baker's, and that was also great. So a great night!! Lee is so fun company.

Yesterday 2 hours of school and then I tried to call around to get my computer fixed. It is still undet process the whole thing.

Yesterday I also started to think about wedding stuff, for example the food, music and so on. It is just chaos. No one gets me (this meaning my mom). She thinks it's a normal fancy party, snaps songs, a band and so on. But those things you can experience whenever, so why would I like to have that. No, I don't. I think the music can be good without a band, just normal music. And it is not a party ment for old people, I am not old, Micke is not so old. So yes, one valse is okay, but not the whole evening. And it is also expensive with a band. I don't want a band.

I am going to ask for a food offer, I am going to write I want food that is quite finish, a little bit exotic, a lot of food, good food, not so heavy (everybody falls asleep), feta cheese. And then we will see what suggestions I get.

onsdag, april 16


Today me and Lee are going to the backstreetboys concert, it is going to be so nostalgic. 10 years ago we were screaming backstreetboyd songs on the schoolyard and we were crazy about them. I liked Nick and Lee like Brian. It is 10 years ago since I was last time went to a big concert, I was with my mom listening to Janet Jackson, and I think I was wearing a backstreetboys shirt or then it was leonardo de caprio. Now when I think back of it, I am a bit ashemed of myself. But tonight we are going to have a nice girl's night. I look forward to it. First some school.

I am addicted to All Bran (or a cheeper brand). It is so so good, and I could eat a whole package at a time.

tisdag, april 15


My computer is dead. I don't like the computer. And smart me had some of my unfinished shoolworks only on the computer. I don't like stressing, it takes so much time, but now I am sort of stressing. I guess I am working too much. But I get money. Maybe we can go somewhere nice for our honeymoon. The Maldives. I want the wedding to be well-planned so that I don't have to stress on the big day. I want so many things. Just have to make the best of the situation and try to rewrite many hours of shoolwork. Micke is the greatest, when I am sad, stresed or anything not so good, his first instinct is to try to make it better somehow. I love that in him. I am now sort of in a relationship I did not know was possible to be in and I would not change it for anythign.

lördag, april 12

A new eating deal

Great Friday night. Went to Molly Mallones, had fun, talked a lot, took some tequila shots. Had fun. Had a lot of fun. THe nigth ended in Mc Donalds. Today. Just a lazy day and a lot of problems. Great morongin with Micke until we started to put together our new Cycle ergometer, it did not work. Great. Oh, and as breakfast we had icecream, and watched a lot of how i met your mother. Then my computer crashed. Nice, since I had my new finnish assigment on that computer and it has to be done my Monday and I work tomorrow and Monday. Lovely, lovely. Lee came by, we went for a nice walk, and watched more how I met your mother. Ecuador called me. I love them, they are so great.
Micke went to beerfestival and me and Lee stayed home watching more computer and ordering kebab and pizza. Then we decided: no pizza or kebab for 4 weeks, and if anybody breaks it, the person has to pay 100 euros to the other person. I like deals and bets.

fredag, april 11

God morgon

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. I forgot to wear deodorant, and I had a long day from 8-20, and I was also working. I smelled and felt so dirty when I got home. Uuuh. It was disgusting. The reason why I forgot it was that I found out I got the worse grade I have ever got in my life in a Finnish exercise I had worked for the exercise really hard and I got 52 and 50 is the lowest. But I just have to try harder, and write less Finnish, then it can't be wrong.

Today I was too lazy to go to school at 8, so I am just home right now, and at 12 I start working again.

I got H&M clothes this week. And we looked in to honeymoons with Micke. Realized that on Monday it is only 10 months left. Where did these 2 months go?

söndag, april 6

This weekend has this far been great. Have got nothing smart done, but a lot of unsmart things. I thought our wine and cheese evening was great. Except I drank a bit too much, and I felt it the whole Saturday. We just drank wine and in the end ciders and beer and ate cheese and talked and then we also played some poker. I did not win.

On Saturday we got Jigi for a visit since my mom went to Russia. I could not go to my body class since I was too hangover. Not smart. But we went with Pedu and Tanja to "spring fair" (kevätmessut). It was too chaotic and we did not find anything special, except some great swimming pools and jacuzzi. If I would be rich I would by one. In the evening we went to Pedu and Tanja to watch Mr Deeds and ate some pizza. Healthy.

Today we are listening to radio and Micke is playing games and I am doing some schoolworks, or trying to. Later we are going to Ingå for my cousins birthday coffee.

fredag, april 4

Wine and cheese

Tonight we will eat and drink wine and cheese with 2 of Mickes oldest friends and their significant others. I bought a lot of weird cheeses, they will probably be awful.

The weather is so springy here right now, I really love it. Went for a run both yesterday and today. I love it. It feels good. Now I can eat a lot of cheese.

I also bought myself a light pink blouse (with short arms) from gina tricot. I was in the shop for almost 1 hour. And I am waitng for clothes from H&M. I want them to come now. I want more clothes.

torsdag, april 3

Ahma is a nice machine

I like our new Ahma (washing machine). Two strong men brought it up the stairs, installed it and took away the old one that we did not get to work during the 1,5 years I had it. Easy and simple. And now I am washing clothes and it is not at all difficult. I like this. We don't have to book a time for washing clothes and we can wash clothes when we need to and so on. Great. And the name Ahma is also great!
Life is good. Should write some stupid Finnish papers but don't like it at all, somebody else wants to do it for me?

onsdag, april 2

Hectic, tireing days

But now it's getting better. Worked Firday, Sunday, Tuesday and have had shoolworks to do and classes and all. I have been tired. The finnish clock turned one hour forward on Sunday morning at 3, so we lost one hour, that also made it more tireing. (nice word!)

But Saturady was great. Great, great! We bought Ahma. Ahma is our new washing machine, it's coming tomorrow. I think it's the most expensive thing me and Micke have bought together. We are so growing up. We also went for lunch to a resturant and I did not take maybe the most tastful thing, that would have been a burger, but I took a healthier soop. My healthy life is starting again.

After eating a lot of bad stuff on Thursday (and mine and Mickes clothes are getting smaller) we decided not to eat candy or choclate for a month. And if one of us does, that person has to do the dishes for a month. It's really motivating.

Another really fun thing we did on Saturday was just to chill. We were going home, but then we went to one cosy bar. I had some irish coffee, strawberrry ivanov, wine and a nachos plate (which we did not pay for since the waitress forgot to charge for it). We played chess, Micke won all the time and then some children's trivial pursuit. It was just so relaxing and a lot of. It gets so easily normal when you live together so it is good to do things outside the house together. On Firday we also played poker, and I did not loose.