tisdag, februari 26

I feel good, lalalal, so good...

I am so energetic and I feel so good. Many reasons to that: I have not eaten sugar for one day. I finally finished some essays for school (had planned to get them done 2 weeks go). I have eaten nice good, healthy things. I have slept enough. Me and Micke are great. I just sing all the time.
It is not raining. I am happy and clean.

Last week was great when Lee was here. On Thursday we went to Ikea and Sello and bought some nice things. From Sello and H&M I bought a nice shirt, later I realized it looks like a pregnant shirt, you can even put many pillows under it. But I am not pregnant, have not planned to be for a while. Lee is just great. Me and Micke was not so great. But on Saturday we seriously talked about it, and he got me to realize I am a bit negative. And it is true, I can see positive things, but the things I comment on are negative. Why have you not done that? Why did you not do it like that? Again/you never... and so on. And that can not be nice in the long run. So, now I am really trying hard to see and say good things and if something is not so good, first say a good thing and then the bad thing. It is going great and I feel so much better.

Long time ago when I did not have Micke I thought that I would be a really good girlfriend: never complain, let the man be as he wants to and just be calm and cool with everything. I am not. I am just myself with him, sometimes a bit too much. I have to be nice to people. Especially him.
Jigi slept here on Saturday, here she is substituting me as Mickes girlfriend, she is a great dog.

Some pictures from when Lee was here, wine drinking and weddingplanning:

måndag, februari 25

Mutta kultaseni!

That is Finnish, sweet words in Finnish, and I so dislike it. I have come to dislike, almost hate words in Finnish that mean cute, sweet romantic things. It just sounds so awful and hard and not lovely at all. It is more like saying nice words when you absolutely don't mean them. Here are some examples:
Rakastan sinua (I love you), nimesi lausuminen on kuin hunajaa korvilleni (saying you name is like hoyney in my ears)
Okay, there they were. The examples came from my inventive boyfriend or whatever he is called.
My point, I don't want any Finnish at the wedding. It sounds awful. Micke's mother's side speaks only Finnish. Problems!

söndag, februari 24

Bad driver..

I really am, or maybe a better word is rusty (rostig, I invented an english word ofr it) or unexperienced. I was just driving for 1 hour between malminkartano and munkkiniemi, the reason for my 1 hour drive, instead of 20 minutes drive was that I forgot my keys at home.
I saw Melle in the afternoon, it was nice to see her, she is my friend from high shool, but we had too little time, and then she left for sweden again. Then I went to Mickes parent's place and look at Mickes mom's wedding dress. Not really my style. I want a big princessy one.
Then Micke went to a meeting and I came home with the car. Then withour keys, I had to drive back and get his keys and come home again. I am so sure I annoyed so many people, I just drove infront of them and 10 km an hour lo0wer than the limit and...uuuhh. I have been driving so little the latest 2 years, so I am jsut so unsecure. I hate that. I don't want to be like this.

tisdag, februari 19

Lee - the perfect bridesmaid

Sometimes I am really happy I live in Finland and have the right to student health care. I went yesterday and I am now hopefully fixed. Today is a much better day than yesterday!

I am wedding planning crazy. Have so many great ideas and Mickes excitement for whether the cards should be mainly pink or grey and exactly what should they look like and what about a weddingmagazine is not too great so Lee will come here tomorrow and be excited with me. Lee is just the greatest friend you can have. We have been friends forever! And she is going to be my bridesmaid, I hope that is the right word. She is perfect for that! So tomorrow we will drink wine and try making different kind of cards and talk about everything. Can't wait!

söndag, februari 17

Late valentine

Yesterday was such a great Saturday! So now I am going to write all about it. Last week was not really a great realtionshipweek, it was more a downhill week, which wasn't so nice when it was valentine's day and all. We argued a lot, complained even more and were both sad and disapointed and angry and so on. But yeserday everything changed and now it is perfect again. The line between perfect and not is so thin.
I went to body aerobics at 11 and Micke was really cute and wanted to follow me to the train, then when the train came I kissed him goodbye, but then he jumped on the train and came into the center to follow me. We went to buy a mccoffee and then he followed me to the gymplace. Just to follow me and be with me, so lovely. Then after 1 hour when my stomach muscle were killed I was in a hurry to get home quickly, sweaty and tired and then I see Micke waiting for me outside, with flowers and a card and a happy smile. He had just waited for me (bought some PC games tough, but still waited for me). Then we walked by Rax and I suggested we go there, so then a really sweaty ugly dressed me and a paying Micke went to eat pizza. But ate only 2 slices. Proud!
When we got home I opened my flowers and it was 10 red roses.I felt so special.
Then after some fun at home it was time for the clothproblem, because we were going to a valentine's day sitz at TF. The solution to the problem was me hopping into Ecci's car (he is in Lapland) drive to Myyrmäki, run around in all the shops trying to find something to wear. I bought a black scarf. Quickly back home and then to Otnäs. The sitz was supposed to start at 7, guess when it started? 8. So we sat there for 1 h 45 min, I could have used that time so much better. The sitz was good and the main course was so so good: potato wedges and meat and sauce. mmm. Got some good music and decoration ideas for the wedding, since the theme will be valentine's day.Micke was really generous, he always is, and bought me a lot fo snaps and drinks and I guess I in the end drank a bit too much, or I know. I started telling everybody about our wedding and so on. But Micke was a real gentleman and took me home safely and with bought me some really good french fries on the way. And when I came in trough the door I laid down and after that I can't remeber anything, but what happened was I fell asleep. Great party! I saw also Liisa and Mixu, some high school (???) friends, but I was a bit tooo happy when I saw them, and they have this picture of me always drinking a lot, whish I don't do anymore, but now they saw me agian like that.. so..
Some pictures from last night.

fredag, februari 15

365 days left

After 366 days I am married and after 365 days I will be very nervous. Now it is less than a year. I want to plan and do a lot, but I have to start doing some school, I have so not been effective since Ecuador. Now time for some funk aerobic.

tisdag, februari 12

2½ years today

Today it is mine and Micke's so called ½ years day, which of course is not that important but I like remembering it. Always when it is our ½ year day or year day I write a letter, by hand, discussing the past ½ year and what has happened. I have done it every time and I think it will be wonderful to read them after 30 years or so, I already now love reading the older letters.

That we became a couple the 12th of august is something we decided afterwards, so now we decided that from now on our year day could instead be the 14th, because then everything would match. The 12.8 came from that was the first time we slept in the same place. It was the 5th time we met. I went to Hangö to his summerhouse and then we went out in Hangö and afterwards again to sleep in his summerhouse. Everything was planned this way, and I met his parents so we decided that to do that we had to be a couple. But maybe it is more realistic we became a couple on the Sunday, and then it would be the 14th.

Another funny thing that I found is mine and Mickes life, and what I want before I can be sure to get married:

Micke has to live alone - has not done
Live togehter for at least ½ year - done
Travel together/backpack for 1 year or at least 3 months - not done
Get engaged - done, but all the things before should also have been done
Get married in one year and not in a church - mmm..

I am a planfreak, this I did when we had been together 2½ months, I just wanted to be sure so that we don't rush into things. But I have realized that you can't plan you life, you can have ideas but with time you will see what happens

söndag, februari 10

Wedding freaking already..

...almost at least. Today I was so supposed to study and write some essays and so on, what have I done? Looked for flights and hotels to the Maldives and looked for songs on youtube to have at the wedding. Great!
We are getting married 14.2.2009. One year to go, but I guess it will go all too fast. And today my mom said she will pay something, don't really know if we should let her. It came from me saying we are having a buffet because it's so much cheaper, but her opinion was quite strong. It was a NO, her daughter is getting married so it can't be "cheepy". Then later I got this great idea to have an Aladdin theme, sit on the floors on mats and eat food from those places, but Micke crushed that great idea But I still want something special. Maybe I should sing?
At least I want lovesongs during the dinner, but then we can't sing songs again, so maybe no snaps?! So many questions. I almost envy girls that started planning their wedding when they were 3. As said, I only thought about the honeymoon and now I think I found the perfect place. Maldives with you own water villa with you own jacuzzi or swimming pool. Wau! But I think we can't afford it. One night around 600 euros...I can always dream!

fredag, februari 8


We are going to meet with the class we finished elementary school 10 years ago in may/june this year. It is going to be so intresting to see what everybody is doing right now. We were only 10 young, semi-weird persons, 4 girls and 6 boys, finishing school in Pojo. There are some people that will be hard to track but I hope we will get everybody to come. We have a classring from that time, so I hope everybody remembers.

Ben&Jerry icecream

I love!
Yesterday to celebrate that we had booked the place I bought on my way home form work half a liter of ben&jerry´s cookie dough ice cream. It is Mickes favorite, and it is so so good! We ate the whole one while watching C.S.I.
Today at 8 o'clock I went for a Stepaerobic class and then in the afternoon I was supposed to go to funk to burn it all away. But I felt tired, sick and then my mom came by so I just sat home eating choclate in the afternoon. My training is not too effective when I always eat chocolate or ice cream afterwards. Why does it have to be so good?
Now Jari is here and he and Micke are drinking beer and I drink wine. But I am tired.

Winter wedding

Now the long story of the change of plans:
On Wednesday evening I came home from body aerobics at around 8 and me and Micke had some salad, whitevine and choclate and discussed the wedding. It was the first real time we made some serious plans. It was so so nice!
We started by counting guests and the guestlist is around 70-80 persons, then we went to the budget and so on. Then we somehow started talking about not getting married in the summer because it's more stressfull and then you can't work so much, and what's the idea with a honeymoon in paradise when it's summer in Finland?!? And all the stress about finding the perfect summer place, when in the winter it does not really matter what the outside looks like, and then you can have a lot of candels in the winter..
Then it was the big question of when? A difficult question since we probably won't have enough money for it before we have finnished our studies, and we don't want to wait so long. So in the end the deciosion was quite easy, especially when we looked up the date in the calender. It was quite late when we sort of decided this, so the next morning I called the church and the party place and both of them are now booked. And it is going to be in Pojo, my homechurch (have lived most of my life in Pojo, even if iI wasn't born there). And it is going to happen earlier than planned...

One night before sleeping we were discussing that it does not really feel that special to get married. Before, when I was not, and somebody said they were getting married I saw it as such a big decision and such a big change and as something really big. But now being in the same situation it is not so big, it just feels so natural. Of course there are times when I wonder how it all will work since me and Micke are quite different, but the times that I am so sure and so happy with him are so so many more. And is there a point waiting 10 years just to see if you are the right ones for each other? I see the marriage as a promise to try and do all you can to be happy together, and that is excactly what I will do. And I have somehow known after meeting Micke only 3 times that he is the best thing that ever has happened to me. I just love him so much!

Micke eating my salad and some really good heart chocolate
The glasses in photo one is a engagement present form Mixu and the choclate was from a really nice person that knows that we love choclate (we got to similar ones and can't remeber who gave what)

torsdag, februari 7

Soo, soo happy!!

We have the date, the place and the church booked. It is a total change of plans, but I love it. It is just going to be perfect.

tisdag, februari 5

krasslig trasslig

I feel like I am getting sick, and I don´t like it. So I am eating belgium choclate. Nam.

I made "fastlagsbullar" on Sunday. We had some of Mickes friends here having dinner, tortillas with us. We watched their photos from there trip in South-Africa and drank wine. I felt so grown-up. And I like it. Stable good life.

Monday was a long day. I was like 12 hours in school, and was really tired when I got home. Micke had been so nice. Taken care of Jigi, done the dishes, washed the clothes. I love him.

Then I had a small crisis in the middle of the night. I woke up at 1 and Micke was still not in bed and I was in such a bad mood. Just complained. I am not so nice.

Today at my most boring lecture I made a weekly to do list for me and Micke. On the list are things like make food, buy food, do dishes, wash clothes, clean house, clean toilet... This way it is clear whose responsibility the things are and I don't have to seem like a complaining bitch when I tell Micke what to do all the time.

söndag, februari 3

Getting married in paradise?

I am playing with the thought to just go on a long romantic honeymoon and get married on the beach. I would love that. It would be the easiest and cheapest and the most romantic way. No thoughts of where to get married, where to have party, what does that cost, what to eat.. so on. Just be alone in a romantic sunset. If I would get married to myself I would probably do it this way. But now it's not just about me. Micke wants to have the wedding with family and friends, and it's a bit expensive to ask everybody to come to Fidzi, Honduras, Maldives or so on...

When I have thought of getting married the most important parts have always been the honeymoon and the dress, nothing else. I would love to go to a warm exotic place with the clearest water and a vila/bungalow by the beach with an own swimming pool. The house could also be on the sea. Just me and Micke and nobody else close to us. We saw a hotel like this on Matka 2008 (travelfair), it was on Bali and every morning they would bring the breakfast you wanted. Sounded so great! I also want to go diving on the honeymoon and swim with dolphins, that you can do in honduras, and it is not too expensive. Fidzi is either not too expensive but the flights are. And then it is also summer in Europe so it would be cheaper to fly somewhere in Europe and just have a perfect hotel. But I don't want to here Finnish. But the caribbean with curacao and so on looks also so great!!

I want a lot of money!!!

lördag, februari 2


Today we went to the wedding and party fair. It was better than I tought, got a lot of goods idea for where to keep the party. But the annoying part is that no one had any sorts of prices, so it is difficult to decide and then it's just difficult. But at least I now know that there are godd places and good catering firms, and people making flowers on the countryside, whish means that we probably won't get married in Helsinki. On the way home in the car the radio did not work so we had some good, serious, semi-annoyed discussions with Micke about this. By now he has been a bit on the side, but I guess that will change when he tells his parents that we are seriously going to get married.

We went to Knäppens in Karis to eat, and the food was great. We got a lot of food, I like places where you get a lot of food. I had chicken fajitas. Nam. My mom payed for it, she is so nice! I like her. She is very helpful with the whole wedding stuff even if she was suprised in the beginning, she was also with us at the wedding thing.

I got some new H&M clothes. The thing I liked most was a pair of pants that were too small (did not keep them), but they were so soft and comfortable- except I could not close them. Then I also got this grey spring jacket. I like the upper part of it, and it only costed 27 euros. I am happy. Now I am just waiting for spring.

It is just raingin here all the time, the weather is so depressing. Micke is out with Jigi right now. He is just so great!

fredag, februari 1


I am home. Still a bit tired, so didn't want to go to this stupid old drunk people's bar, so I am home alone, with Jigi. Tomorrow me and Micke are going to Karis to the wedding and party fair (?). The main reason is to see if there is somebody from a party place, because at the moment it looks like it will maybe be on the countryside. But then we will also see my mom, eat the best Runebergstårtor, maybe meet Lee, try on new H&M clothes and get the car.

I like working out in the morning, because after school I always want to come home to Micke as fast as possible. And then you are so energetic the whole day. My new healthier life started great last week, then it went a bit down but now I hope it is going up again. We got so much good chocolate for our engagement so I have been eating a lot of that, not so smart..

When me and Micke are a bit older and stable and so on we will get a rottweiler, and I have decided 2 names already: Mougi (decided it probably 5 years ago) and voffsing/woffsing (yesterday..). I love the names, but Micke is not too convinced. It is so great that Micke also loves rottweilers and it is all thanks to Jigi (even if she is a real problem child these days and won't eat...). She is so cute.

I want to sleep

I don't want to get up so early anymore. 6.30 almost the whole week, all too early. Today it is because of stepaerobic classes. Tired