fredag, januari 30

Micke no good as weddingplanner

One week ago, when I again woke up from a lazy phase of wedding planning, I tought my biggest problem was that no one answered my e-mails and I don't know how to have my hair and to wear or not to wear a veil. Now I have a new problem. No one answeres calls, or espacially the churchperson (vaktmästaren). I need to know if we can have candles in the church, but does she/he answer? No.

One interesting thing in wedding planning is the husband to bes contribution to the planning. In this case it has been very low. I guess Micke doesn't feel it is a job only for the bride, but that he just can't do any sort of planning or fixing. I have tried a lot, asked 1 million times for him to get more engaged and do something, after all it was he that wanted a wedding in Finland in a church and I would have been happy just doing it in the "maistraatti" and then re-do it on a paradies island. But no. It just does not work. He has no clue whatsoever of what could be smart and he doesn't know how to find out and ooohhh.... And then he forgets, or does not do it. So I still have to worry about that thing and in the end be responsible for it. Not like.

So I have realised, that if we survive this planning stage, which not have been nice at all, we have to survive the rest of our lives. But I would never again take up the project to plan a wedding with Micke, it just doesn't work.

torsdag, januari 29

Pictures from my day

can be found here

onsdag, januari 28

Shopping for honeymoon

I have been active, active today. Got around 4-5 pages written about theories on remittances, a lot of e-mails concerning the wedding written and I also did some honeymoon shopping, and also small scale packing.

I am sure it will be like in the nightmares when you forget everything you wanted to bring for the trip, so starting to prepare on time. Sunlotions, showerstuff, mosterising and so on. Also saw a pair of flip flops and remembered that my last ones broke down in costa rica and those i bought as emergency flip flops are so horrible I neve want to see them again. Realized those are probably the only good pair I find this time of the year, so bought them even if they cost 15 euros. A lot for flip flops.

I am going to remember my pasport this time as you can see.

Short weddingupdate

Wedding things are getting clearer again. Yesterday we had a meeting with our toastmasters and one bestman and my mom. It is going to be a great weddingday. And then the Maldives. Waiting.

söndag, januari 25

Bachelorette partei

What a day yesterday was!!! Won't go into many details but I had a great, great day, and now I am one step closer to getting married. Great food, great friends, embaressment, kekkonen with the lights, ice skating...
I am still just confused with 2 things. What did I need the "rivjärn" and the "hjärterdam" for?
Micke had his bachelor thing at the same time and in the evening we actally met up and Micke was the most amusing sight ever, he was really not sober. But that's how it should be.

fredag, januari 23

Only 3 weeks

It is only 3 weeks to the wedding tomorrow.

My last big exam for a while

Tomorrow I have a mega important exam. If I don't pass it I am in serious problems, I won't probably get my bachelor degree this year if I don't pass it, and I can't retake the exam since there is only one time left to do it, and that is when I am on a paradise island with a lovely coctaile in one hand and the other in Mickes hand on the Maldives. So. Have to pass it. But still I am not studying.

I actually read the book, but it is a really difficult book and there is at least 350 different development theories, and people who have come up with these theories and toughts, and it is impossible to remember it all. Totally impossible. So I am doing on Micke's shool assignment instead, writing with a red pen (in word, the red color) what he should fix and change. Of course I am not giving it for free in the sence that I would change it. Just wirte what should be cahnged.

Next week I have to start writing on my bachelor thing, since I don't want everything left for the 2 weeks after the honeymoon, if it would be like that I would not enjoy paradise at all...

onsdag, januari 21


This was our healthy evening snack tonight. Don't they look pretty? Such a nice pink color. They are called Berlinermunk. Yum.

I had one on Friday also as an afternoon snack, but before that I have not eaten them in years. A good time to start eating them now when the size of my dress is decided and I should not gain weight. But they are so cute...

måndag, januari 19

where did the pictures go?

Our weddinghomepage got some problems on Saturday. It stopped showing the pictures we had put there, very annoying, but I tought it would get fixed. It did not. So today I have once again uploaded pictures there, and we have a lot of pictures, but few okay once so it took a long time.
Don't like when technical things don't work.

what to see and do in helsinki

I have some friends, at least 3, coming to our wedding, and they will stay with us some days before in Helsinki. What fun things can you do or see in Helsinki or close to Helsinki? I really need help since the only thing I know is suomenlinna/sveaborg, and it is quite cold this time of the year. Help. Please.

Not stressing...


So many things going on at the same time, but I am just gonna stay calm. Less than 4 weeks to the wedding. Less. Never tought we would come here. At the moment I feel that things are looking good with the wedding. From the start the most important thing was my dress, and my dress is nice, and in 1 hours I will get to wear it again. Happy me. I could live in that dress. So I refuse to stress about other things (telling myself). 12 snapssongs is too much.. or is it, or aahha.. or how to make to seating order, the tables, decorations... nooo, not at all stressing. I stop now.

Again, my bachelor thing. I tought I knew what I was doing, but could not find the data, it does not exist. So I have felt so much pressure from it last week, so I could do nothing. Realised I have to change the approach and that it is a minor thing and nothing to stress and worrry about, so now I know what I will do. Don't care if it is good or bad in the end. I will still pass, somehow. Hopefully sweden will accpet me to their shools even if it is crap.

My exam on Saturday won't go well, but since I have almost read the book (only 50 pages left) I think I should pass. It is a bookexam. The book is extremely boring, have read 20 pages every day and it has almost been too much. Just a lot of theories of development. A lot.

Have no clue how I will spend the summer, work, internships and so on, and won't probably figure it out before the honeymoon. But Micke has a job, and that is good. At least we will survive.

lördag, januari 17

Cake tasting

One of these is our cake. They were all really yummi. We were 3 persona tasting, me, micke and my mom, and we all liked a different one the most. Luckily I had the best arguments for my cake, so now we will have a really good cake! The cake will come from a place in Ekenäs called carl de mumma.

We also talked with the priest and went trough things with him in the church. The ceremony will be good, I am just worried about what he will talk about in his speech about us, since our answers to his questions sucked. Micke got very little out of his mouth and I got stuff out but it was mega weird.
Why would we know why we are getting married now? Or what marriage means to us? Really difficult questions in times like these.

But as I have written before, it is just so natural to get married with Micke, we have probably since day 5 talked about it and we are just going with the flow. And marriage in my mind won't change anything in the relationship, just how the state and other people look as us as a couple. But no of these things even came to my mind yesterday. So we will have an interesting ceremony.

torsdag, januari 15

Enough alcohol

Now I am going to reveal some wedding secrets, so the person who does not want to know, should stop reading now.

We (me and mom) went to Tallin with Tallink. With car and 2 passengers for a day cruise it was 96 euros. If you go with Tallin the cheapest was to get alcohol is to order trough their pre-order system. It is absolutely the chepest. You get 24 Saku for 11,30, when it everywhere else is at least 13 euros. We did of course not order everything trough it, mostly because we did not know it was the cheapest. So the only thing we got from there was
- 20 bottles (0,5l) of Koskenkorva
- 18 bottles of Fresita sparkling wine

To diversify the risk of paying all too much we bought stuff from different places, and we found all the time cheaper places.

For the wedding we bought:
-7 saku
-5 lonkero
-2 perry light ciders
-2 dry apple ciders
-2 liters of whiskey
-1 liter gin
-3 liter baileys
-3 liters of cognac
-1 liter of gammel dansk

And additional to that, as the food drink, we have 72 bottles of sparkling wine. And in total we ahve around 60 alcohol drinking guests. I think it should be enough. More than enough. The total price for all the wedding alcohol is around 1100, so I hope the guests will enjoy it.

Thanks mom for the company and car!

onsdag, januari 14


I feel sick. It was wavy on the sea today. We bought the car full of alchol. Full. At least 20 packages with 24 cans. And 10 liter vodka. WIll update more some other day.

Tallin next

Today me and my mom are going to buy a lot of alchol in Tallin (cheaper there), and since my mom's policy is never to have too little, I guess we are going to buy all too much.

tisdag, januari 13

Try the dress

On Monday I am going to try the wedding dress again, and then they will make it smaller. It is quite big now, so I have not had to worry about my size.

And I am actually quite satisfied with my size, have stayed the same for a long time. Think I´ve looked quite the same since I met Micke. A bit too big of course, but since it is not too, too big, I won't stress with loosing weight, trying to be healthy instead (not working so well all the time). Everybody looks different and if you are okay with it, then it is okay.

måndag, januari 12

Micke and the handbag

If you click on the first photo of the previous post you will see that Micke is carrying my handbag. That is not unusual, especially with that black handbag. You can't put it on your arm so you just have to carry it and it is always in the way, quite annoying to carry, and since it is quite big it is usually quite full and heavy. So I always find a good reason to give it to Micke, for example that I will take a picture, and then I sort of forget to take it back.

And then big Mike is not so manly anyore.

My weekend

Yesterday was the last day to sign up for the wedding. There are 73 guests now, I guess we are part of that number, so in other words 71. But of course, there are 9 people who have not signed up yet. Hopefully they will get it done NOW!

I have been feeling a bit weird lately so haven't written blogs in a long time. Friday was a good day. Went to talk to be instructor/teacher (something) about my bachelor thing and now I know sort of what to write about. Good.
I also found the last missing part for my wedding outfit, it is something you wear under the dress that stays up. And it had cost 50 euros and now it was only 16. I also found a lovely grey cashmere sweater for Micke that had been 70 euros but was now only 20.

On Saturday, as well as Sunday we both tried to study. Saturday evening we went out eating with Pedu and Tanja. Not maybe the smartest economically but it was fun. And I love eating out!!
(The best of the foods, my maincourse and Mickes starter. Yum)
Afterwards the boys contined drinking and went on having a "boysnight" or more of an "boys´hour". (They got to drink one bottle of sparkling wine since they did not get that I said don't count on me drinking from it. I am having a semi "tipaton tammikuu")

So Micke was in quite bad shape on Sunday. But I took care of him, by going to the shop and buying unhealthy things for him.

Today I study!

fredag, januari 9

White shoes

Yesterday I found a pair of white shoes in Helsinki. It is really rare to find white shoes this time of the year. They are quite ugly, but I could not care less about my weddingshoes. I actually bought them because of my mom, she would freak out, or make me wear tunisian white loafers if I wore the black shoes I were planning to wear. But now they are white, and my mom is happy and I am poor. I would actually love to have a black dress, and Micke a white suit. It would look good. But I don't have a black dress, and my bridemaids either, or they have not arrived yet.

Ryebread with butter and sliced boiled egg and peppar is really good. Yum.

torsdag, januari 8

Meet the priest

Aaah. Getting nerveous. Next Friday, the 16th we meet the priest to got trough things. Now I start feeling it. Micke's scheduel is so tight so this was the only good day. But it is soon. So soon. And then I am a happy unstressed wife with nothing to do. Lovely.


Life is good. I am clean, I am studying, things are great with Micke and I get things done. Great. And I got 2 beautiful roses from Micke yesterday. Happy me. And soon it is wedding and Maldives and after that I can live a "normal" life. Have decided to leave most of the wedding stuff to weekends, so that I don't think about it all the time, or feel the pressure to do something about it. And actually most of the things are done. I will stop being such a... demanding bitch maybe, no.. but stop obsessing that details have to be special and different in some ways. It just makes me go mad.

So, just live in the moment and let others do the shit. In this case my mom. She is great. She is now an icemachine, making heartshaped icecubes for the wedding. I bought around 5 of them from Ikea, the shapes, and when they are frozen she puts them in a plastic bag and makes more of them.
She has also fixed a car for us. She won't tell what kind or what price it is. Then she has fixed a bar-guy for us, and nightfood man (our neighbour). Now my job is to call the priest, I am supposed to call him in the beginning of January. That is now. And today I should go and buy silverpaper for the weddingprograms, which are almost done, some small changes just have to be done. Since we have to weddinghomepage we will mostly have snapssongs in the weddingprogram. Will try to save as much paper as possible, both ecological and economical. And now we have 39 confirmed guests. Only 44 who have not said anything yet.

Things look good. Have to call the priest now.

måndag, januari 5

Bye, bye holidays!

Tomorrow is the last stupid day. For 3 weeks now it has been at least one stupid day a week, and since I don't feel like starting a new life in between holidays or weekends I can just do it when they are gone. Another annoying thing is that nothing works, everything is closed, you just have to wait some weeks to get an answer. But soon, soon I get to do stuff with my brain. I hope. I started today, a little bit. Again I am confused about my bachelors thesis, don't know what aspect of the thing to study and it makes me go mad. Have to wait until next week when I can go and talk to the person in charge. And soon I have to know. Want to have a lot done before the wedding, looks bad, bad. Not proud of myself.

Today we cleaned out christmas, in other words our lovely christams tree. Bye,bye tree.That's it.

1 year engagement day

4.1.2009, yesterday, was it one year since Micke proposed to me on our diving trip in Ecuador. Time flies fast. So yesterday I took the responsability of making a good 1 year engagement day. And I did great (and now I am poor). I had made a reservation to a meditarrenean restaurant called Macu, so that is where we started at 14.00 with a 3 course meal. Had the best applecake ever as desert. It was applemascarpone cake with cinnamon sauce, sounds boring but it was just so perfect. Yum. The intrior design of the place was lovely, a lot of black everywhere.

After the meal we went out in the cold weather, around -10 the whole day, and bought green outdoor pants for Micke, then to Belge on a whiskey (for Micke) and then to the next suprise moment of the day. The movie Australia.

It is a great movie, I have never cried in a movie, this time I did, but just a bit. It was a long movie with a lot of pulseraising places, it was hard to predict what would happen so I was nervous all the time. And the best thing was that it was not like all the other movies focusing on just one problem. I loved it. It is so beautiful and the actors are jsut great. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. It is also funny.

After the movie we went to Amarillo, I had a minttukaakao and Micke a whiskey. After a quick stop to McDonalds we came home and watched criminal minds. Great, great day!!!

lördag, januari 3


Today we drove to Messilä (1,5h from us) to snowboard. And it was so worth it. I miss snowboarding. My legs and foot took the pain for not having snowboarded in 2 years, but after a while it got better. Today was a really wintery day, between -10 and -15 and the sun was shining. It was not too cold, just beautiful, but a bit icy. It was a really great day. I would like to go to for example Åre and ski next year, or somewhere in the Alps.

Eating a healthy lunch in 2009. Luckily I did not promise to become healthier, I hope. We were well dressed. The view was great! And the weather too.

fredag, januari 2

New Year

I don't really feel it is a new year, I don't really feel anything. But now it is 2009, and new years eve was fun, espacially after some sparkling wine, before it was a bit quiet and incomfortable.

The 1st and 2nd have we spend home. Taking walks in the beautful weather, eaten bad stuff and watched criminal minds. I think me and Micke would need some time off, we have seen each other way too much lately, we are not so friendly to each other anymore. Next Wednesday Micke starts his praktik again and I can't get annoyed at him sitting in front of the computer all the time. Tomorrow we are going snowboarding, first time in 2 years. And on Sunday it is our 1 years engagement day. This year has gone fast.

This was the corwd celebrating new year together. A weird crowd. I found some glasses in my brothers car and decided to borow them, the result is the ugliest foto of 2009 (the last one). I didn't want to get blind. Micke said he liked me when I was a bit drunk, that's why I was. To proove him wrong, I was a danger to everyone.