torsdag, mars 27

Simple life

I like my simple life. When I was younger I always wanted to be crazy, experience the world, do things no one else did, never stay in one place for a long time. Now the situation is different. I am happy here. At least almost, the weather could be better and my studies could be more motivating. But overall, I am happy. I can live now, and not in a dream about tomorrow. Of course I am still dreaming of exploring the world, but I am more realistic. Exactly what all the old people told me when I was younger. There are so many things you realize when you grow up, one of them is that sometimes your parents or older people were right. For example the reasons why my mom did not want me to drink when I was 16 was not that she did not trust me, but that she did not trust the boys. It is quite smart..
Even if I am happy here with my simple life, I still want to live and work abroad. Especially when I /we have kids. I always dreamed of studying abroad when I was smaller, and I also think kids that get that chance are much smarter and nicer. And I don't like Finnish, the language. Have a course in Finnish right now and I hate it.

But it is impossible to predict the future, so it's smarter to just try to live now.

I am going to Costa Rica for a month in July. Yihyy. It is a summer school program.

tisdag, mars 25

Almost disappointed

Now we have seen the whole season 1 of Californication. And I so wanted Hank to get together with Karen again. But she got married (a nice wedding with wonderful flowers) to a boring man. Then the last minutes of the program, and just some hours after her wedding, she jumped in the car with Hank and the daughter. Uuhh. Hope I did not spoil the surprise for anyone. But now I don't know if it was a dream or true. I just want them to be together. So this is how I have spent my whole evening. Very productive.

I am in pain...

Watching the 10th episode of the first season of Californication. It was so, so embarrassing, and it was so painful. Two guys, one girl, and then the the guys (ex) wifes walked in. Aaaaa...

måndag, mars 24

Wonderful calm morning

Now I have the time. I just sent my part to my group and tomorrow we will meet and put everything together. It feels good. I am enjoying my coffee and I have the whole day for other things. I will clean, go for a walk and maybe watch some nice things from the computer. Nice. So, now to last weeks happenings.

On Tuesday, when micke had his real 25 years birthday, we met in the centre and went ice skating by the railway station. I had not done that in so many years. I was like a flying big bird that never got up. But it was fun. But after 30 minutes our feet were really sore, ajajaj.

We also went to have dinner, to La Bodega, a Spanish restaurant. It was so cosy. It felt like we were in Spain. The food was great, I had a plate of seafood and the best lime mayonnaise ever and Micke had a good good steak. We also had some Tapas as a starter. As a desert we went to the Icebar and had a Finlandia Martini. It was really small and cold.

After that we went to Makuuni to buy a lot of candy and then for the movie Jumper. I do not recommend that movie. That's all I will say for now.

On Wednesday I worked. The night Wed-Thursday I slept so bad. i was so worried about how Micke would react to his real gift. A surprise trip to Tallinn and a night there with his best friend and his girlfriend. (This best friend i by the way one of Mickes bestmans, the other one is his brother).

I woke Micke up as 5.45 and told him we will walk out the door after 45 minutes. That we did. He was so confused. He saw I had a bag, but I told him we are going for a morning work out. Then we got to the terminal and he thought we were just going for a cruise since he thought he did not have a passport ( I had looked for it for 3 days, but I found it). Then he thought it was a day trip, but no. 15 minutes before the boat would have come back, we took him to the hotel room ( Sokos hotel Viru) and he was surprised again. And after that I was relieved. I was so worried I would say something that would ruin the surprise, and I don't like being dishonest, it is not nice. So.. In the evening we drank some cheap ciders and played some drinking games in the hotel room, but we went quite early to bed since everybody was tired and I was getting drunk. Next day we had a huge breakfast and then we just walked around and had some lunch at this beer house. The waitresses had so short skirts and it was really German in a way. Good food and large beers. On the way back we bought a lot of wine, some ciders, beers, candy and I drank many Irish coffees and Minttu hot chocolates. Great trip. And Pedu and Tanja were great traveling companions.
Some pictures:

söndag, mars 23


I will soon update the blog about Micke's surprise trip to Tallin. I woke him up Thursday morning and told him that we are walking out the door in 45 minutes. This was 5.45 in the morning.
And also about Micke's real birthday celebration with skating and restaurant and so on. But I can't do it now, since I really have to write this term paper about Boeing and Airbus.

tisdag, mars 18

Problem solved

Uuh. My mom is the greatest! She told me what to do and now nothing is melting anymore, and the coffee is warming up.
Now it's time for some birthday celebrating with Micke. I already made pancakes as breakfast for him and now we will go ice skating, and then eating, then maybe to the ice bar and then for a movie.

Paniik..eveything is melting

I feel very stupid and helpless right now. Great time for blogging. None of the electrical items in the kitchen or the bedroom are working. This includes our fridge and the other icy one. So everything is melting. Micke does not know what to do (he is in school) and my mom won't answer the phone. Have probably called her 10 times. I am eating ice cream since I don't want it to melt away waiting for someone to help me. They should teach us these things in school.

lördag, mars 15

Two icecream cones later..

I, or Micke, found this really great ice cream. It is cheap and it has everything that is good. It is a cone ice cream you buy in a package of 6. It has chocolate, a good waffle, and great chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I love it. And 6 pieces cost around 1,8 euros. I have already had 2 today. But I have been a good girl today, and this week.

I have been studying really hard. Today I had the exam and I know I passed, it was not so difficult. Then I went for an hour of body aerobics and it was so killing. I was also yesterday, for interval and the middle body. My muscles were aching from yesterday and really tired (I am not i so good shape). But I am happy I went and if I go for aerobics, I don't have to feel so bad about eating ice cream and chocolate cookies. And I feel so good in my body.

Micke is on a scout hajk. I miss him. I am totally alone at home, and have no one to disturb, hug or kiss. I listen to weird music: Christmas songs mixed with Rhianna. I just made some spinach pancakes (spenatplättar) and I have tried making my Finnish homework.

Micke turns 25 on Tuesday. I think that when you turn 25 you are getting older. I still have some years for that. But have no idea in what situation I will be when I turn 25. It is 2,5 years there. I am probably married. I am still studying, if I have not changed my mind. Secretly I maybe hope I have a baby. I don't want to be an old mom. The thing I hope for the most is to be with Micke then. I am so scared something will happen to him...

torsdag, mars 13

Micke is the best

I have had very long days lately. I leave tha house at around 8 and get back around 8-9 in the evening. I am very tired and complainy and so on. I don't do my houshold tasks, as for example this week I am supposed to make food, have still not done it once.
And Micke is so the best!!! I can't understand how anyone can be that wonderful. He has cleaned the house, done the dishes, made food and done all these things. And when I get back from my long days he is so sweet and helpful. And yesterday when I was totally dead after a hard shift at work, he had bought me 10 red roses. I just don't know how to thank him. Any ideas?

tisdag, mars 11

Some things I have learned in the last days

Study and read when you have the time, do not watch stupid American shows - it is not nice to stress-read around 300 pages of hard language in less than 3 days, and stress about the other deadlines that are coming closer and closer.

To say no sometimes. I have become quite good at it, but I have too many work shifts right now just because I want more money - and it is not good for my studies.

Not to wear a shirt that has the tight part under the breast and then go out when you have lunch with your grandmother, mom, future parents in law -they will think you are pregnant, especially your grandmother. Or maybe the lesson is to eat less and that way not look pregnant. No, does not sound like fun.

fredag, mars 7

I love surprises and roses

I really do! Surprises are great. I have been home the whole day and when Micke came home he had bought me 2 red roses, and it was such a surprise. He bought them because it is the women day tomorrow, but I didn't think he would remember or think of buying me flowers.

When I was younger I thought buying flowers was so stupid because they would die in one week, but now I love getting flowers, especially roses..

My studying is still going great. Read about phases in a relationship, that was very interesting and now I would like to make meat crepes and go for a walk.


... I do not like at all. I have the exam tomorrow and I have done everything except reading; cleaning, eating, makeing food, shopping, watching C.S.I and Gossip girl (saw the whole season 1 in one day).

Now I am studying. As you see... I don't have the same motivation and self-diciplin as before. Need to get it back. I am not just as stressed as before, stress is good!

tisdag, mars 4

First kiss

I got stuck to the tv-programe gossip girl. Should be reading the human development report, but can't stop watching it. There a couple had their first kiss and it looked so nice.

My first real kiss with Micke after many unreal kisses one night was great. Drunkkissing can't been seen as real kissing. The first time me and Micke kissed for real was in Pojo in my mom's orange sofa (is that english?). It was the first time we met after the first time, he had an free evening from the military (??) and we went to my place (lived with my mom) because I had to take care of Jigi and I showed him some pictures in the sofa and I was very nerveous, didn't know what to say and so on, Micke was somehow really cool and calm. And then we kissed and it was the most most perfect kiss ever. I remember having weak legs for many hours afterwards and so many butterflies in my stomach. I love remebering the the first times we met...

måndag, mars 3

Weekend with mom, jigi and lee

I drove to pojo on friday, and spent the whole rest of the day with my mom and jigi. Watched tv, drank sparkling wine and ate good food. Absolutely great. I was so annoyed with everything, and Micke had school on Saturday and sitz on Friday so I decided to go home.
On Saturday I went trough old things and found some interesting diaries, I was just so so stupid when I was 15-16. Good that I am not anymore!
Met Lee in the evening and we played some boardgames and drank wine at Emmas place. And on Sunday I came back to Helsinki and had a really great day with Micke. We went to see the national treasure 2. A good movie, but a bit too united statsy. Before that we went to Rax (Micke was hungry) and drank and ate as much pizza and salads as possible, had good discussions and at the movie we had a lot of candy. Food is so great!
Today it is workday, and the rest of the week I am home studying for exams. So, how are you?