fredag, maj 30

The summer season has begun

This week has been weird. Had a mayor fight with Micke (now evertyhing is okay) and work has not been to bad, and yesterday we went out a boat, and today we have a class reunion for the class I had 10 years ago.

The boattrip was so great. We got out quite late, mostly because I ended work at 5, and was home at 6. We went to the food shop to buy barbecue food, sausages and meat, and a grill you can use one time. And then we drove out with the boat far away. Things did not really go as planned, but one thing I realized is that the finnish archipelago is very beautiful, especially in summer.

Our biggest problem was that our one-time-usable-grills did not work. But Micke got us some fire so we could get food.

Some pictures

måndag, maj 26

Two wonderful days

Had such a great weekend! I survived my work and on Friday I celbrated with choclate (we decided to keep a break for the weekend with not eating chocolate) and white wine and CSI Miami.

Saturday we washed Jigi, cleaned the house, my mom came, we went eating, shopping (did not find anything) and in the evening we watched the eurovivion song contest at Pedu&Tanjas place, and I am so happy for Russia, I wanted them to win. I also made some chocolate muffins again, they are so good!

On Sunday we got up late, just relaxed, went to Itäkeskus with Pedu and Tanja, ate Subs, went to world village festival, oluthuone and on the way home to Makuuni for candy and ben&jerries icecream!

I just love Micke so much and love spending time doing nothing important with him.

söndag, maj 25

3 years ago

Looking back in history. 3 years ago this day, also a Sunday, I was very hangover. I was supposed to clean a house for my "studentfest", but my energy level was so low and I think I was more in the way.
The night before I had just met Micke for the first time. Such a funny night. I think I was in bed around 5.30 and since Lee didn't want to listen to me, I send Dagny a message where I wrote: Jag är så kär (I am so in love). Then I took the train at 9 or 10.

I found my first message from Micke, got it at 5.34 the 29.5-05:
Hoppas jag int väckte. Beklagar för kvällens slut. Jag hade en fantastisk tid med dig. D sku va roligt att ses så snart som möjlight. Hoppas du hade d bra. Mikael. (Hope I didn't wake you. I am sorry for how the evening ended. I had a wonderful time with you. It would be nice to meet as soon as possible. Hope you had a nice time too. Mikael)

At 8 o clock in the evening I got a message where he wrote that I was the only thing he could think of that day.

He was so so buttery and romantic in all his writing, messages, mails. I love it. And I got all info on my hard disk back, from my broken computer and now I have our mails from the summer I spent in Ecuador.

tisdag, maj 20

Wedding ring

Less than 9 months. Everything is still quite open. So even the wedding ring. I/We are choosing between two kinds. One so that both me and Micke would have almost similar rings, mine with some stones and his without:

I like thes rings a lot, even if I gues Micke would not like to have a heart on his. But, they are quite big, and I would maybe not like to have such a big one. I would like to have one similar to my other one, quite thin, so in that case, something like this would be better:

I was trying some rings like this last week, and they looked quite good with my old ring. The only thing is that I would like to have something more special, that not everybody has, but as Micke said if everybody thinks like that, nobody has the normal ones, so then I can.

There is though one thing I am totally sure about, and that is that the ring should be white gold or platinum. Probably white gold since platinum is so expensive. And if it has diamonds, they have to be inside the ring and not stick out.

Another things is the wedding notebook, or wedding program. It will be a bit longer, with songs, and words and so on, but don't really know in which language to do it. Most things will probably happen in swedish, but if some of my exchangestudent friends show up, they won't understand it. So I think the program will be a mix of swedish and english, and maybe one thing in finish for mickes family. I don't want to translate it all to english. And there are so few persons that don't understand a word of swedish.

måndag, maj 19


Nothing interesting happening in my lilfe. I have just been working. Have work 8 days in a row. My body is already after 3 days sick of it. Aching feet, hurting neck... For those who don't know, I work in the busiest restaurant at helsinki-vantaa airport as a waitress.

Tomorrow Jigi comes to us. She is dirty, so we have to wash her. Micke is annoyed with me. Mostly because I am semi-stupid and have weird moodswings, and 10 o´clock in the night I realize it is stupid and time wasting to watch tv shows. I also somehow got it to seem that it is so bad for the environment since you waste time on that instead of making your own clothes or food. And also because I somehow got it to seem that if you don't read FPA bladet, you don't care about anything.
Yeah. I am smart. Most of our downtimes comes from one of us being hungry or tired. I was tired yesterday. And hungry.

torsdag, maj 15

wedding cake

I found the perfect wedding cake:

I so want a cake like this. I found it on a finnish wedding bloggers blog. She had a lot of beautiful cakes there, but I want this one.

I also realized we can just have a punch after the dinner, and that way save a lot of money on alcohol, and then no one has to stand in a bar. Great, isn't it?

Stupid computer fixers

Uh yeah! I just printed my term paper or exam paper, whatever I should call it. We did not have an exam instead we had to write a 15 pages paper. And now I have done it. On my last day off before 8 hectic days of work. But then I have the weekend off, which is nice, since Micke also has it. Micke workds 8-4 (or he is practicing, he does not get paid, just the student allovence, it is part of his studies) and I work 12/13-20/21/22. So we meet in the dreams! And after 8 days.

Micke made meatballs yesterday! I am so proud, I don't think he has ever, totally by himself, made something that advanced. Of course it did not go as planned (I had 5 missed calls when I got off work) but that is not the point. And they tasted good.

I got my own computer back, even if almost all parts were changed (it is like a new computer). And all the files are missing. And they were not supposed to be. I was supposed to get them even if I had to pay. I have a lot of work there, and mine and Mickes mails from the first summer we met when I was in Ecuador. We wrote a lot and the mails are so the best. I want them. I demand I get them. Then I also had half a year of AIESEC bookkeeping on it. Don't want to do it again.

onsdag, maj 14

Blond beer

I am still alive.

Had a great weekend, totally great. The stand-up was funny, my troath was so dry because of all the laughing. Afterwards we went to different bars, one was a bit scary: Torni. It was up on the 14th floor, and I don't really enjoy hights. On Sunday I went to visit my mom, had some icecream and hamburger as mothersday food. Then I also got to see my ohter relatives. Micke was sick so he stayed home.

I also got some rhubarb on Sunday, and I made a pie from it on Monday. It was good. I love rhubarb!

And yesterday I started working. And a person ordered a blond beer, wonder what kind of beer that is. Soon I am off to work again.

lördag, maj 10


Tonight we are going to the stand-up competition between Finland and Sweden. I am going to laugh a lot.

Before that some shopping for Micke, and maybe looking at wedding rings.

fredag, maj 9

Exams over, for now

Finally. Now only a term paper to write and then I will have a shoolbreak and work a while before I go to Costa Rica. Feels good. Even if the fall was more hectic than the spring I am shooltired. I feel I am studying to wrong thing, I don't know what I will do what I learn and so on. But the exam I had today, those things interest me, but it was only one course. But in economics I have only one course (a course I don't like all) left, and then I will write my canditate thesis, or whatever it is called. And then I can start thinking again on what I want to do.

After the exam I went swimming and in the sauna, I cleaned my body from all the bad stress. Then I walked in shops and tried on nice dresses, eat a Subway bread and a small arnold's donut. Soon I will go for a drink with some other students studying economics and then to see the movie with cameron diaz and ashton kutcher getting married in Las Vegas with Micke. And later we will eat tortillas and drink a bottle of wine.

Such a great day!

torsdag, maj 8

Unhealthy studying

I started to study too late. I like international economics, but don't have enough time to study for it. The exam is tomorrow.

I have some really unhealthy habits when I study. I eat a lot. Food and snacks get me to sit down by a table and study. It's bad and stupid, but I prefer gaining some weight during exam weeks, than failing all courses. Today I have eaten a lot of french fries and tiger ice cream. Coffee is also a good thing for studying. And water, a lot of water. And sleep. Will go and try to sleep now, to get up early in the morning and learn all things by heart and forget them after the exam. Smart. The system with exams is so great. Not.

Bad sleep day

I think I am semi-stressed, or too worried. I left studying for exams too late, and now I am so hyper I can't sleep. And then we come to same point I have come to many times: Micke is the best!

I went early to be to be energetic today. I couldn't sleep. Micke was up playing world of warcraft. But he came to me many times to get me to "night me" hugging, kissing and so on. After one hour I came to sleep in the sofa since the bed was so uncomfortable. Normally it is the best bed. Then he decided to go to sleep so I could sleep. He tried everything to get me to sleep, it was so cute. He gave me a massage, but the toughts in my head were just running around. But with him beside me I finally fell asleep. And then he overslept this morning. Sad story. But true!

I went for a short run, and now I am prepering for a finish exam. Such a great idea to write a blog in english before that.

tisdag, maj 6

Getting closer to results

Have examweek, I am supposed to study, but I am in a wedding planning period again, so can't stop.

The wedding is getting closer and closer. Only about 9 months left. When we started it was over 12 months. And there is still a lot of things that has to be done before the fall, but some things are getting clearer.

-We most probably have a great band (my mom fixed it), "kaveria ei jätetä"
-We most probably have someone making the food, and I get to try it first, gocatering from karis
-We have semi-reserved our wedding night in fiskars
-We made a budget, our wedding will be around 16 000 euros (honeymoon included) Don't know where to find that money
-The guest list is in better shape, we estimate that around 90 persons will show up, and the total amount of people invited (with avecs) will be around 110. I would like it to be less, but what to do? I can't just ask Micke to take away some of his nannys, since they are important to him. And I can't take away onyone. so
-The honeymoon is also taken care off

fredag, maj 2

My wapp

Mmh. Maybe I took one glass of sparkling wine too much, or maybe 2 or 3. I just like it so so much.

Havis Amanda being cleaned

Me happy with sparkling wine

At 6 we got to put on our student hat

100 year old Havis Amanda

A cute little pony

Mickes big big burger at Memphis

Me a bit tired and thirsty on the floor at home

Our picnic on 1 of May