söndag, augusti 31

Fazer choclate

Taking some pieces of fazer choolate after a nice sunday meal with chicken, red wine sauce, salad, potato pancakes and white wine (such an un harmonized comibnation) is very, very good! Haven't had plane chocolate for 2 weeks. I am good.

Beautiful sunday

Yesterday we went to visit Isabella, Kimi and Karo. Kimi is my older, older brother from my dad's side. He stole my name for his daughter, can't really get over it. I love the name Isabella, and I told them it was a nice name, but that it is mine, but still they named her it. Angre!
So yesterday Isabella turned 4. I did not recognize her. She got a speaking calculator and some H&M t-shirts. I was once again the one shopping for presents. We got pizza, cakes and a lot of good stuff. Mums! In the evening we watched definetly maybe and ate some chips.

Today we have a long to do list, or at least me. Would like to have so many things as possible done before shool starts. Also wedding stuff. We are sort of out of money since Micke did not get so many work hours and I was gone a month. So we have to save on something for our wedding. Good that the honeymoon is booked and halfly payed, otherwise we would maybe have to cut on that. It looks like we should cut on the guests. And just invite people we like and want to spend the special day with. Or then just go the the "magistrat" and then go on our honeymoon, no church, no band, no food. Just me and Micke. Sounds so wonderful. Because it is not so nice to plan a wedding, especially when people you want to give a job to, won't answer your e-mails and so on. Annoying!!! And when you have to consider your husband to be and his wishes.

lördag, augusti 30

The summer is over

Now the summer is officially over, since school begins on Monday and I have finished summerworking. The 2 last day at work did not go well at all. On Wednesday evening we went to Arcadas kick-off party (cider, beer and red lonkero for 1,5€). Got home late, had had a bit too much to drink so I was not in my best condition on Thursday at work. But it was a fun night! A lot of nice friends there.

Yesterday I was just not present. But now it is over. We went shopping after work, some birthday presents for Isabella, a new big, shiny bag for me and some cosmetic products. We ate at Rax ( "eat as much pizza and salads as you can") and sat at Painobar. In the end I was just too tired and got annoyed with Micke spending so much money on drinks. So we went home, and Pedu and Tanja stayed. And in the rain a drunk guy pressed the emergency stop because he was stupid. Some drunk people are just so stupid!!!

It is nice to have more free time now, I am going to start planning the wedding, search for dresses, because it will soon be only 5 months. Then I also have to decide if I have 600 euros to put on a study trip to New York and Washington or not. My dress will probably cost at least 600. I want money!!!

måndag, augusti 25

1 week left

The weekend is over, and my last week of work started yesterday. My 2 days off were quite hectic, but fun! On Friday Lee and Jigi were here. With Lee we ate some salad, drank wine, played poker and went into town. Had some good irish coffees and minttu kaakao. We stayed up until Micke got home, which meant we went to bed at 4. I was a bit tired on Saturday going out with Jigi at 10. At 11 my mom called and said she will come upstairs, so we had a second guest, my mom, and she stayed until Sunday.

Big breakast with bacon and egg, some chill and then to the center where Micke got his hair cut, we got maple syrup, shopped some rubber shoes for rainy Finland, some cake and sparkling wine at Fazer cafe, and then home to make horrible food. I was not satisfied with my cooking skills at that point. After a nap we went back to town to Paino to play Kimble with Micke, and drink and eat again. We got home early because I had work on Sunday.
On Sunday I made american pancakes as breakfast to try the maple syrup. And I liked them.

fredag, augusti 22

Cleaning day

Today I have had the day off and I have mostly spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping. At 8 o'clock this morning I cleaned the toilet, a now the house finally is a bit cleaner. Now I am waiting for Lee to come, we are going to eat, drink, go out with Jigi and go and enjoy " the night of the arts" in Helsinki.

onsdag, augusti 20

Love notes

I have had a great day today, didn't throw milk on anyone. But the morning was absolutly the best. I had to get up early (8) to be at work at 10. I went to the shower and found the cutest note in the shower, there was a heart/apple/happy face picture and cute i love you words from Micke. He had written it when he got home last night and put it in the shower where I would see it. Then there also was another note by the coffee maker. So perfect! It made me very, very happy. He is so the best when he wants to be.

But now I am a bit sad, because he is not home, working (it is his 6th day in a row and he still has 2 to go). And then a lot of people died in madrid. I don't want planes to fall, it makes me not want to fly. Because I want to have a nice long future with Micke.

I have not eaten candy, choclate, ice cream, cookies or bad sweets for 2,5 days. I still have 2,5 days left. Then I have achived my goal of no bad sweets for 5 days. I am good!

tisdag, augusti 19

Worse work momet ever

Today I threw milk on a dad and his daughter, and myself. I should have been shot. I am so embaressed. The poor man got a milk shower from up the air. Such a good start for their trip.

måndag, augusti 18


I got a great gift from Micke when he got home from work last night. I got a small rottweiler puppy. It is so the cutest. He named it Rode, because that is a great name for a rottweiler, and Mougi is taken for the real rottweiler puppy.

The Hanko-Pohja weekend

On Friday after work I took the train to Karis. I spent the evening with my mom, drinking sparkling wine, eating a good salad, and mövenpick chocolate ice cream. On Saturday I started to Hanko, to meet 3 of the greatest girls in Finland: Lee, Jennie and Lina.

The weather was not nice at all. It is supposed to be summer, but... We still went swimming in Hanko, it felt like swimming with ice cubes.

I drove to Hanko. I have not driven a car in a long, long, long time. And this car was new to me, and fat and long. Scary. I still had a fun photo session in the car. Don't do that, it is dangerous!!!

This is what waited me when I got to Hanko, 3 semi-dead girls. They had partied since Thursday.

Jennie throwing her hair like a star.

They are so in love.

On Sunday, after an early night for me, I went home to Pojo again, to play with Jigi. She is such a funny dog.

Here she really looks scary, but she is not at all.

Look. She is so not scary.

Sunday afternoon we with to Knäppens to eat with my mom. Mums!

It was so so great to see the girls again. There was a sad incident tough, me and Lee had a small fight. But it was nothing serious, it had to do with a finnish erotic dancer.
I was not so in to going to a bar, but we still went to Tivoli in Hanko, and I sat on a chair sleeping. I hate the feelign that you have to go out to a bar after drinking at home, even if you know you don't want to. But if you wouldn't go, people will just think you are boring (which I admit I am). I just like doing what feels good for me, and if it don't harm other people, why care?

fredag, augusti 15

Many more years

Yesterday me and Micke had been together 3 years. And I want us to be together 65 more years. I really do. So, in that context 3 is not that much. But we had a nice breakfast, with bacon, bread, juice, coffee and then I went to work, and in the evening we had crayfish and kir royal. I think we will have kir royal for the first drink at the wedding.

onsdag, augusti 13

Work, work, work

I have personally have some bad days lately, questioning my work place, my studies, me and everything, except Micke. Now things are getting better. I have work now for 7 days in a row, but then I have the weekend off, so I'll go to Hangö to hopefully meet Lee, Lina, Jennie and maybe Melle.

Tomorrow me and Micke have been together for 3 years, and it will be exactly 6 months to the wedding.

fredag, augusti 8

I am never going to find a wedding dress

I just realized that it is going to be much harder to find a wedding dress than I tought it would be. Today we went to look to a shop that rents dresses and things for men. First of all, it was very, very scary. Second, I don't know what I like. Third, I want a nice, not so expensive big, big dress.

For Micke it is easy, and Micke was also the reason why we went there. They will have the clothes in the color we want, so that is okay, he should go there in september to try it on and make a reservation. One thing ready.

Then we also shopped some papers for the cards, to try to do something fun with it. Micke also found a ring he would like to have, in titanium. So now I am also considering a ring in titanium, and it would be made only for me. I like the tought.

So, it looks like I could focus on my studies in the fall after all.

A good thursday

Yesterday was in the end a really good day. We made pizza (weird sized since I tought it was stupid to try to get them reound, it is still the same pizza) and fixed a wedding homepage. We were in the whole day, except for going to buy food, and doing nothing was so so relaxing.

We got a cookbook for our engagemtn from Anders och Heidi and it is the best book ever. It has all the normal receipes and it tells you what to do. It is the stora rutiga kokboken.

Micke also started looking in the the thing with wedding homepages, and first he started making our own. But then I luckily found one that had everythign ready and really easy to use. I'll let you know the adress when there is something more written there. I am really happy we found this, since in Finland you have to pay around 30 euros to use one for 3 months.

Today more chilling and we will maybe go to Suomen pukuvuokraamo to see if they have something for Micke, and maybe some ring shopping and so on. Things look good right now. Really good.

torsdag, augusti 7

Foam party

Uuh. Don't feel so good today. Hard night yesterday. Some of Mickes friends from school were going to this foam party in Highlight, so, after work me and Micke also went. And I had all too much to drink. I don't drink so much anymore. In Costa Rica I drank at the most 3 drinks in a night. Yesterday I had probably 3 times or more than that. The cider costed 1,30 and I had many of them, since it was so cheap. It resulted in taking an expensive taxi home since we had missed the last bus and I was not feeling so good anymore. (I had a tubetop and I was in such a condition that I didn't notice it dropping)
There was some other real drama in the evening also, because Micke lost his engagement ring in the foam. He had tackled Oscar in the foam and then Oscar did the same to Micke, and Mickes loose ring went of. There was around 60 cm of foam on the floor, and we all were crawling in it to find the ring. In the end Micke found it. But I tought it was someone else who found it, so I went to buy 4 drinks(1 for me, 1 for Micke and 2 for the founder), but since it wasn't anyone else, I just drank them myslef. Smart!!!
So, today I suffer, and focus on wedding shit.

söndag, augusti 3

Sunday evening

Right now I am really tired and I would want Micke to be home, but he is working. Not fun. Don't have anything to do, all alone. Jigi went home this morning, we picked my mom up form the airport at 3 in the night, so didn't get so much sleep, and it was hectic day at work today. But tomorrow I have a day off, it's really good because all my body is aching since I have not done any sort of workout for a long, long time. I just made myself a tuna filled baguette and it was really good. With onions and tomatos form Tunis. Normally I don't like stuff I make myself.

Soon ther is only 6 months to the wedding. And it feels like there are so many things to do, and of course I am focusing on all the wrong things, like thinking of music (listening to songs on youtube), what clothes the brides maids should have (not my own), what the invitations should look like, how to get a more green wedding and how to decorate the tables.

But these are things I would not like to do in a rush, so that's why I am trying to think of it. I should really go and see Högåsa, and Micke should check if they have the clothes he should have for rent, since otherwise the whole colourthing won't work.Yes. But I can't sleep if I htink too much on it, so should stop now.

Do anyone have some good food ideas?

fredag, augusti 1

My days in photos

Yesterday we bought a lot of strawberry, I love them. The only fruit/berry that is the best in Finland and not abroad.

Micke eating ice cream the way I do it

Jigi has been taking up a lot of time, we went to Ikea and she got a toyshoe

We bought some Ikea stuff and we bought a cycleergometer from Pedu

Beach and bed

Taking sun

A bit cloudy, but still nice wheather

La bodega

Wau food

And now I have to go to work, have had so great days here with Micke.