tisdag, december 30

Guests, sign up!

In 12 days it is the last day to sign up for our wedding. 12 days. People have had their inivitation cards for at least a month already. Guess how many guests we will have if no one else signs up?


We have a many person band and only 11 guests. We also have a large (expensive) bus transporting people from Helsinki to Pohja, guess how many are going to use that one?


Great shit!

We are not assuming that anyone comes, everyone has to sign up, we also need to know allergies. So, sign up. Please!

I want so, so much

As you have read from previous posts, I am not so satisfied with what I am studying. Economics is okay but it is just too inhuman or something similar to me. I will this spring get my bachelor degree, and after that I can go somewhere else and take a masters degree.

I would really, really love to do a master in development studies. So now I am trying to get all the papers needed for this, so that I have a chance to get in to Uppsala or Lund (in Sweden) to study a master in development studies next fall. I really hope I get in, because I know that development studies is something I am really into. But I need a lot of papers. The deadline for applying is the 15.1 and I should have my bachelor degree already, and send in my bachelor thesis (whish I have not really started writing yet) then, but with a lot more papers I still have a chance.

I want it.

I have been a great soon to be wife today. I made a "radiokaka" for Micke (he has been asking for one for a long time), I agreed to invite the missing guest and I made pizza. Tomorrow it is new years eve. We are spending it with friends in Tölö. (helsinki)

måndag, december 29

My year 2008


- First days of 2008 in Ecuador with Jade
- Engagement 4.1.2008 under water in Ecuador
- Suprise trip for Micke to Tallin
- Classmeeting in May

- 1 month in Costa Rica

- Trip to Milan

- A lot more restaurant visits than last year

fredag, december 26

Geisha & Sofa

Geisha - my best friend. You have been too good company today. I feel ape (apa). (Geisha is hazelnut filled choclate in lightpink wrapping).

Mom´s divan sofa, you have been my next best friend. I appreciate you a lot.

Now I am going to enjoy the last real day of christmas holiday and just lay in the sofa watching bridget jones 2 and eat geisha.

I look forward to the new year. I am going to study hard, apply for many places, work out and get married. And go to the Maldives.

Christmas was good

Oh, I was bitter in my last post. So, so. Sometimes I am. Sometimes life is bad.

But now things are better and good. Christmas was also good, I was tired and complainy and a pain in the ass, but it was good. The food was great, good wine, nice to meet family and it was quite calm.

My mom being mommy. We made ham the first time in avery long time, and it was so so good. We have almost eaten it already. Yum.

After church in Pojo kyrka we went to Ingå, to my aunt and there we ate chrismtas dinner. We started around 6 and were done close to 10. A lot of so, so good food.

Happy me. :)

After that we went to my uncle and there we got coffee and cake.We were home around 2, and then I got my presents. I got great, great presents. One of the best things was a jacket amd some jewelery.

Yesterday we ate again. Had no room for food, but the house was full of food.
Made some Irish coffee.

In the evening we went to Affes. There is a tradition to go the affes on the 25th.

Today we chill!

onsdag, december 24

Christmas is ruined

I take back everything I wrote in my last post, or at least for me. For me christams is gone. And this is a bitter blogpost.
Went to bed at 12. Got some sort of sleep at 1.30, maybe, but I woke up all the time. Since the post came between 4-4.30 I have not been able to sleep, just cry, because I had big hopes for this christmas, spend it with family and have a nice calm peacful time. Now this won't happen. I am just too tired for it, and when I am tired I am in an ultrabad mood. It is 7 o clock now. I turned on the computer. I was thinking of putting the ham in the owen at 6, have still not done it. At that time I read my old essays.
Might seem funny. Is not. Why can't I sleep? Because my body can't rest from yesterday's disappoinments and fight with Micke. I can't find peace, and actually I blame my future mother in law, and for my own mom I feel sorry, she had put so much effert on this christmas, the first in at least 2 years when we are together.
Mine and Mickes first real chistmas in Finland won't be any better.

Never want to be in Finland for christmas again

måndag, december 22

God Jul!!

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Remember that christmas is not about stressing, it is about being with your loved once and eating good food!
Picture stolen from Lee. Love the picture. We look so silly.

Tomorrow we are off the Pojo. We start the chrismtas with coffee at Lees home.

No clothes out there

Many of the clothing shops have big sales right now, normally they start afer christmas but this year they started before since they believe the sales in December will be so bad. And this because of the financial crisis. I do not share this opinion. I think it is because all the clothes they have in the shops are so, so ugly. Disgusting. Either weird colours mixed together in some hippie way or then a lot of layers., nothing simple and nice. Nothing.

I was trying to find something to wear during the christams holiday. The only thing I found was a pair of stockings (strumbyxor) and black sportylooking shoes (only 20 euros).

I went to intervalmiddlebody today too. And now I am eating the christams fudge I made today. I am so healthy, aren't I?

Soon we can for real get married

Today we did something you in swedish call "hindersprövning", it means that you check that there are no obstacles to get married. These obstacles would be that you are married or related and then if you are too young you need your parents concent. So in one week we will get a paper where it says we can get married. Without this paper there would be no wedding, so I am very happy we finally got it done.

I need the sun. Now. Please. Christmas present. A trip to Thailand maybe. Please Santa.

söndag, december 21

Shortest day

Today I baked some bread. It turned out okay, not what I tought what I was making (maltlimpa), but something you can eat. Otherwise it has been a chill day, went to Mickes parents to eat fish, watched some house. Chill day.

Yesterday I worked. And played Risk with Pedu, Tanja and Micke in the evening.

Friday we had a great mothere daughter moment. We went to eat cheap good steak (Bakers 9,90 until 18.00) and then to a big beautiful church to listen to christmas songs, it was really, really beautiful, got such a good christmas spirit.

Earlier on Firday I also booked some more clothes for the wedding, jackets and things like that, to keep me a bit warmer (will still freeze to death, always do) But now I won't be able to wear the veil. So smart of me to make it. Maybe I can use it somewhere else, Micke suggested the wedding night...

Today was the shortest day, now there are only happy days ahead!

Financial crisis

I think it is stupid to make normal citizens panicing and stressing about some stupid numbers on a balance sheet. Yes the financial crisis will affect some of the people, but not even close to all will be affected in a major way. I think the media and all the politics should stop making such a big fuss about it. People should keep on consuming and don't save all their money and this is what the media and politics get them to do.
Use some normal sence and don't be afraid.

torsdag, december 18

En sockerbagare, han bor i staden....

I like baking. But there are not enough people to eat my baked stuff. Yesterday I made a Tosca cake with "dadlar" and coconut, and it is really quite yummi (even if I tought I burned it). So guess who is eating it now? Me. So smart of me. But I did an hour of body, so maybe I burned half the share I´ve eaten.

The idea was that my mom would take it to our family reunion, but she did not get in with her key so she could not get it to pick it. I was with Lee and Lina in Jumbo, shopping the last christmas presents. I have not taken so much stress about christmas this year, and it feels good. Christams and stress don't go hand in hand, the presents are not important, it is the food and who you are with. And I am with Micke, so everything is great! I love food.

Our wedding invitation

Finally I get up some pictures of our wedding invitation. This is what it looked like. It is in our wedding colours, silver and light pink and very hearty. But still quite us with silly pictures of us. We filled the envelp with small heartshaped silver things - a heart rain.
This is how we did it:
Took around 50 pictures of us with Lees camera. Chose some of the pictures. Made them black and white, made them small i word, put a black frame around them and many on the same paper. We printed them on a bit thicker and shiny paper. The quality could have been better but good enough.

A lot of glue was used. Twosided "tejplim" is the shit!

We cut out the heartshaped parts on paper with glue and jsut put it on. It is from Fiskars. For the inside we also used Fiskars tools. For the "vi gifter oss" text we had a stamp which we dipped in pink inc.

That was that.

onsdag, december 17

Rachel getting married

Yesterday was a toppenday! A great day. I did some christams shopping, or at least I pretended to, drank some coffee and eat great cake with Lee, went to more shops, ate at Iguana with Lee, Micke and Kim and then we ended the day with watching the new movie Rachel getting married. And that was an interesting movie. And maybe not in the best way.

As I am getting married I tought it would me nice to see a wedding movie and they are usually funny and especially if there is some family drama. This was a dramatic movie, but it tried to be so overdramatic it was, just a bit, funny. They had a filling the dishwasher competition. They showed all the boring wedding speeches (hopefully Lee wont get her speach from there). It was slow, like watching the good, the bad, the ugly (the old, old western movie) and it was filmed in a weird way. Then they mixed Indian, American, Brasilian and some other cultures in the wedding. Weird!

I do not recommend the movie. Not at all.

tisdag, december 16


Jag håller på och fundera på program och lekar för bröllopet och det konstiga är att det efter varje lek står att den är jätterolig och att alla skrattar. Jag är inte för äsker på det!

Aj, my muscles

My muscles are dead, ecpecially the stomach, but at least I have done something. Did some interval and middlebody training yesterday and since I am in horrible shape (once again) it was a real challenge.

I also visited some banks yesterday. If you are planning to visit a bank you should take some reading with you, since the queues are very long.

There are only 3 persons who have signed up for the wedding yet. They still have around 3-4 weeks (until the 1.11), but I would do it immediately.

måndag, december 15

Less than 2 months..

I sit in front of the computer all the time, all day long, that's probably why I don't have any interest in blogging at the moment.

A new week has begun, and a new life with it. No candies for me before christmas, a lot of work out and a lot of research on remittances done. I actually sit in Hanken, in a computer room now, trying to finnish my Spanish paper and then in the afternoon I will go do some work out.

The weekend was nice. Fun, fun, fun with not too much alchol. Great. Yesterday was the unhealthiest day in a long time with pizza as breakfast and just a lot of bad snacks the rest of the day. We did some wedding party planning, and then we tried dancing. We are bad. It will be fun watching us.

In bed later on I got a bit panici when I realised it is only less than 2 months left, and there is still so much to do. I do not recommend fixing a big wedding. If I would do it all again, I would just have a civil ceremony (fa till magistratet) and then go on a honeymoon. It is so expensive to fix a nice party, and if there is a party it should be somehow nice. But nothing can be done about is anymore. Just to live with the consecuences.

lördag, december 13

Not bored anymore

I realised I had to do something, otherwise it could go bad for me. So yesterday we went to an Arcada party and I had so much fun. So much fun. Danced and aluged and talked. Today we will do the same, and have a small christmas reunion here, and then go and dance again. Love dancing. Yeah!

fredag, december 12

I am just so bored

Too board to write blogs. Too bored to do anything. I need plans in my life, an agenda, a semi full calendar. Now my calender is empty until the middel of January. I really have to start to focus and get something done. Maybe I should go to Hanken next week and try writing something. But it is so boring just to write. Boring. Next week I am going to exercise a lot also.

This week I have been like some boring homewife. I have cleaned, played with the baby (in this case the dog) made gingerbreads and cleaned some more, and started reading real books. But I am bored. I could never have a life like this, for a long, long time.

I also made a gingerbread pyramid.

Exiting life. But I am the only one to blame. I need to get away from Helsinki, my life is not nice here. My life was nice in Åbo and in Ecuador.

måndag, december 8

Oh tannenbaum

Sunday was a very productive day. We build or new cycleergometer, and it worked. Yej! I have even used it, you can use different programmes so it is a lot of fun.

We cleaned a bit, but not enough, since we did not have any bag in the vacum cleaner.

We drove mom, Birre and Sussi to the airport, they went to Bejing to shop and we got the wonderful dog Jigi. Have had such a dogfever so hopefully it will soon go away, it´s not smart for us to take a dog right now. But it would be so great, a smaller one, one you can travel with if we move abroad.

Then we also went to Jumbo to shop some christmas stuff, and this is what we bought. It is so much prettier in real life. I love it. It is a 150cm white christmastree. It is plastic so we can use it for many, many, many years and it won't make our home dirty.

On the way home from Jumbo we listend to dance music from the radio and Micke said that we have not been in a long time in a bar or disco dancing. And that is so true. Then we said that we have to do it soon. But then he so cutely realised that it is just so nice being home doing nothing.

That was one of our cute moments yesterday, otherwise the day was realtionship wise not so great, I was quite annoyed at Mickes glued-to-the-computer life.

fredag, december 5

Baking, but no machine.

I want a "hushållsmaskin" (housholdmachine maybe?). Just made some chocolate mousse and it would have been so much easier to just throw it all in a machine. And tomorrow I´ll make a gingerbread dough to make a gingerbread house on Sunday.

I like baking, and cooking and being in the kitchen. Or then I am just trying to avoid my shoolassignments.

onsdag, december 3

Salmon soup...

...Is so mums, mums. I could just cook and bake all day long.

But I just sit in front of the computer, since I should do schoolstuff. But now I am planning wedding music. Again.

Lipstick jungle

I had a lipstick jungle maraton yesterday. I watched probably 13 episodes. Yeah. It is such a great show. Some reasons:

-Robert Buckley and his smile (and body).

-Really entertaining but not too embaressing

-Great, great clothes and dresses

-Their hairs. I could so have some of the tv person victory fords (Lindsay Price) hairstyles for my wedding. I love them.

Wedding planning

I just saw on our weddinghomepage (here, if you want to check it out) that there is only 73 days until our wedding. Micke said yesterday that he was a bit nerveous. I feel more stressed. Again. But more calmly stressed than earlier, there is not so much I can do.

We have the clothes (of course not all, I don't have shoes, jacket, underwear, hairthings, jewelery and so on) and we have sent out the invitations (still have some problem with future parents-in-law about the guestlist).

Don't know where to spend the wedding night, even our own bed is an optionat the moment. Things that we are going to do now is to plan the program sheets (one for the church and one for the party) and try deciding what music to have, espcaially in the church. We have a psalmbook, but it does not help me at all, never heard the songs. And make some playlist for when the band is not playing. Then I would also like to have some games, or some funprogram where the guests can do something, to loosen the air. Any ideas?

I think I will need to take two weeks off before the wedding to just to get small things done.

måndag, december 1

Glöggrundan cumpanions

Me, Steggen, Dagny, Lee, Jennie and my lovely Mike.

Mi fin de semana

Glöggrundaa was not, again, a hit for me. I am quite ashemed and embaressed over myself. I really wanted to be happy and see a lot of nice people and not be in the shape I was now. But this was the last time. Then I am married and I will behave. There was just something in the Turku air (and maybe in all the drinks I mixed) that made me go crazy and feel sick. Stupid. Luckily Micke was there, and Lee too, and they took care of me. I think.

Otherwise the weekend was great. Expecially Saturday. A great hangover day. Some spent in Turku (a great, great city) with subway, pepsi max and friends, then to Pojo to eat christams food with my mom and than back to Helsinki to sleep in our great bed.

Yesterday again was a horrible, horrible day at work. We had big, big problems with our machines, so no order went to the kitchen, we had to write them by hand and we had only 2 machines out of 4 working and they were megaslow and it was not nice at all. My patience was out.

Today I have my bananapresentation, whish is not yet done. Have to get it done now. Starting now.