torsdag, april 30

No swimming

Okay, no swimming for me. The place I wanted to go to is closed today and tomorrow. Bläh!

Almost done

Yeah. It's 9 o´clock in the morning, I have just printed out the final version of my bachelor paper, the sun i shining and it is going to be a great day. Don't dare to read the paper tough, afraid I will find to many mistakes and have to print it again. I am quite sure I will pass, not with the best grades, but still pass, and that is what is important now, can't find the motivation to make it perfect. A bit sad of course, since I still have 7 hours.

But, today is wappen. I will go swimming to celebrate I am done (Can't really drink a bottle of sparkling wine, which I otherwise probably would to, or actually 2 bottles). Eat something nice, buy some paper to finish making the thank you cards, some nice flowery thing for my tomorrow's dress... Look forward to the day. Hopefully I won't get such a headache I had yesterday. Maybe it was from the sun, will use my broken sunglasses today, look so smart in them. (That was sarcastic).

Have a happy wappen!!

onsdag, april 29

The short Stockholm visit

So, now I am more alive. I was not too bad against Micke yesterday, he brought me a blue nice balcony flower and he had cleaned the toilet so how could I have been?

The one day in Stockholm trip was a study trip for people studying economics. We visited Riksbanken (the swedish central bank) and institutet för näringslivsforskning. It was actually very interesting. And then I ate a lot of nice food, especially nice since I did not have to make it myself. And Stockholm was so springy and beutiful. I like Stockholm.
A starter tapas plate on Viking Line. They had Tapas weeks.


Very nice trees.

The best food ever in Stockholm old town. Fish and seafood, so, so yummi.
Unhealthy candies in the train on the way back. Have started to like candies and dislike chocolate (at least a bit). But these candies don't have any weird colorings, so a plus for that.


Last night I had to go 3 times to the toilet.

tisdag, april 28

Back after 44 hours.

Back in Helsinki after my Helsinki-Stockholm-Turku 44 hour trip. Tired as never before. Feel sorry for Micke. I am not going to be an easy person to be with today, would like to be, but don't have the energy.

Will try to sleep now and then start finishing my paper. It was a great trip, will post pictures later.

söndag, april 26

To eat or not to eat

Sometimes I get so annoyed at my mom, almost like I hate her. I feel that now.

She lives in a pregnancy world 30-40 years back. At least that is what I feel. Today it is common knowledge, at least for pregnant people, that there are some things you should avoid eating and not eat so much of, since it can harm the unborn baby or lead to infections that can lead to miscarriage or birth to early which is also harmful. 30-40 years back people did not know of these things.

These things you should avoid eating are not many, and they do not effect my life in a big way. Some people are very worried of what they eat, and check all the products if they are okay. I am not, even if my mom seems to thinkg so, and apparently there is nothing worse than a daughter who thinks of what she puts in her mouth when she is pregnant. "Pregnancy is not a sickness (probably she tought so, since she has now said it a million times to me), and the only things you should avoid is smoking and drinking".

One of the only thing I am looking out for is not eating raw food, because of the bacterias that live there, in other words raw fish, meat and other raw products. For me it is no problem leaving out things like that, a bit sad sometimes, but if I that way can be surer that I won't harm our baby, it does not matter. I just wonder how I could live with myself if I knew I killed/harmed our baby? So better to avoid those things to be sure.

Unfortunatly my mom does not agree with me on this, and it makes me so, so angry. Because it has nothing to do with her. Nada.

Would/Did you eat stuff you know/knew could harm the baby?

Ska inte äta

Idag på båten sku det vara så härligt med buffé mat. Älskar båtens buffé. Men nu är det inte lika roligt. För, som gravid borde man inte äta (bland annat) gravad fisk, kallrökt fisk och rom. Och det är det jag älskar mest och gillar mest i båtens buffé, så om man inte ska äta det, är det kanske inte riktigt värt pengarna. För inget annat är gott. Blä.

My laptop

Yeah. It is fast and it is working and it is great to work on, my laptop. One of Mickes friends fixed it, since before it took 10-15 minutes getting it started and it was slow, slow, slow. Now it is fast,fast, fast. And Micke's computer is now problematic, freezes all the time. Computer life is so difficult sometimes.

Today I go to Stockholm for a day. Happy. And the weather forecast for stockholm tomorrow is 20 degrees. Love it. Just have to try to finish my bachelor thing today, since I will hand it in on Thursday. But the weather is so lovely today, want to go for a walk and just relax.

Yesterday was a great, great day, especially after the horrible Firday. Nothing worked and I had no energy and Micke was weird and in a mood I could not stand on Friday evening. We were quite mean to each other, poor Lee who had to watch it. But the weird thing is that we can be very annoyed with each other and behave stupidly but we know it will soon be over and then everythign is as normal. And great again.

But yesterday. As normal I woke up at 7.10, even if I went to bed at 0.30 (so annoying) and got the great idea to go for a picnic. Made an half-weird apple pie, some chicken-rice salad and bread and waited for Dagny and then we sat on the grass in the sunshine. Lovely.

After an afternoon nap me and Micke went for a short walk and in the evening Pedu and Tanja came and we played munchkin. And I won. Such a great cardgame.

Great day. Want more of them.

fredag, april 24


There is a reason I don't weight myself anymore (at home I mean). Somehow the weight defines more how I eat than what my body tells me, and if I have gained weight I feel sad and eat more, and if I lost weight I don't think as much as how I eat as before. (Getting confused, is weight the right word...)

Yesterday I wanted something acid, like water with lemon or just lemon, so what did I do? Yes buy acid candies, and ate the whole bag. If I would still have been thinking I had gained weight it would not have happened. But the candies were good. Went shopping and were just eating them.

One dress thing for 1 May (even good if I someday get a babystomach) and a long shirt (also good for big stomach, but normal so can wear it afterwards). Don't have time to show them since I have work today. Soon.

onsdag, april 22

There is life!!!

Yes. Got to listen to the heartsound. So wonderful. Was a big, big smile when I heard it. The baby didn't like being listen to, so it just moved around, cute!

And even a bigger suprise, I had lost almost 3 kilos. Don't know how, was expecting it to be the other way. Had to try 2 times.

Otherwise I am also fine.

tisdag, april 21


I am in shool, and I am doing something. Not so much left. Soon just to rewrite it all. At least I hope so. Difficult when I had to change some things, because it means that I also have to change other things. But I am here.

Tomorrow I will go to the "rådgivning", talk to a pregnancy person (no clue what it could be in english). I am a bit worried, even if I have no reason to be. I have seen the "thing" and nothing have happened that would say it would not be alive. Just waiting to look more pregnant (I don't look at all right now, which I maybe should be happy about) and for the baby to start kicking. Should happen in 2-4 weeks. Then it is maybe more real. I became an aunt again, for the 4th time on Sunday. I am so much more happier for people getting kids right now, when I know how much you can want it and wait for it.

Thursday I study, Friday I work, Saturday I see Dagny (or??), Sunday I go to Stockholm for 2 days and Wednesday I finish my bachelor thesis, Thursday I give in my final version and see whan Hanken puts the hat on havis amanda, and the first of May I go to Knipan and have a great 1 May lunch and the 2.5 to our summer cottage, and then only 11 days till we get to see our baby and hopefully know what it is. Oh, my life seems good when I put it like this.

Have a nice spring time!

måndag, april 20

How we got from dating couple to, hopefully, parents

Decided to write it down since it is quite weird how people change, and since my mom has a weird point of view on this whole thing.

Me and Micke met soon 4 years ago. In August we have been a couple for 4 years. 4 years ago I never had children in my plans, they weren't just relevant. Made plans for when to get married and so on, but had never toughts of children in those plans. From younger I knew that I wanted children when I was still young, but they were in no plans. Had also come to the conclusion that children are expensive and difficult, and that I most probably did not want them at all.

Micke always knew he wanted kids. I remember especially one discussion we had, when I said I did not want kids since then I would not get all of Micke's attention.

But then someway along the road my opinion changed. Remember one talk with my mom where I said I wanted kids while still studying. And last christmas in Ecuador I knew now would be the time, Tomas (loren and Galos kid) was so the cutest. Remember suggesting to Micke that let's try (which was a tought that came from nowhere, had not tought of it before). He told me to wait a year, he was not ready yet. And that is something I think is so important to respect. To just get pregnant and make the guy live with it is not nice. And for Micke it was also important to be married first, and then get children.

Even if I suggested it, I have not once tought of the consecuences, just felt it in my body, that now would be a good time, could not think about it rationally. Don't really know how it got here.

Then in december Micke said, yes, we can try. Here you also have to know that I tought it would be megadifficult to get pregnant, and the sooner we started trying the faster we would get help. Quite suprising it worked on the first try. And as we said, if it happens before the wedding (which meant I could not go diving on the honeymoon) it was meant to happen. So I believe in that. This will hopefully be the next best thing that happened to me, after meeting Micke.

söndag, april 19


Yesterday was a good day. I like working on Saturdays. Don't like working on Sundays, even if I should, double pay.

I felt good yesterday, ate only (half) healthy stuff, nothing too bad, just some of Mickes french fries in McDonald's. Then we came home and watched TV and I went to bed too late so now I am tired, since I again woke up at 7.30.

Have absolutely nothing smart to write.

lördag, april 18

New better day

Yesterday was tough, but nice, very weird. The great thing in yesterday was meeting Lee and talking about her Turkey trip. We went to a café and had yummi salads, then for some shoeshopping and at last for a drink to casa largo. It was great. Has to be done more often.

But the problem was/is, that I have/had some problem. I was just extremely tired, I just could not find the energy to walk and I was not even wearing too much clothes. I just wanted to sit and felt deadly tired in my body. And since I am in the middle of the pregnancy I should not feel that. Have felt that for almost a week now. Maybe it is something from the flue I earlier had or something, but it is weird. Had to go and lay down at 19.30 after just being in the sofa for 1,5 hours. So, today I have decided everything is great and I am very energetic. Work day today, tomorrow, Monday.

Yesterday we also got our new TV. We decided to buy a TV with half of our weddinggiftmoney. In the end we bought a big one, not because we wanted/need one, but it was smarter since we (mostly I) wanted it with inbuilt digibox (not really english), don' want any extra boxes aroud the house.

It is still not working, since there was something wrong with our own antenna cabel, but Micke will today go and buy a new one.

fredag, april 17


I am in shool right now. Yeah. Get nothing done. Have 3 days left (when I don't work or do somethign else) to finish this and no motivation. But I wrote what to do, and that is good, good start. And if I do that, I will pass. Just do it.

Now when I have decided this is my pregnency think place, I will probably only wirte about that, not so much else going on in my life. Sorry.

I am very excited of buying the travel thing for kids, that's what I am looking forward to the most. (Lixom vagnen). I want the best one for us, first just have to decide what that is. Have been looking a bit on Internet and think this might be a good one...
(Filuu Z8, and only 420 euros.)
It doesn't have to be new, but better to know what you are looking for even if it is older.

But we won't make any decisions or buy anything before the second ultrasound, because something can be wrong, and then we might have to remove it.

Which I by the way know is a boy. Have at at least 3 dreams where I give birth to a boy, so that's what it is. Micke again is sure it's a girl. Hopefully we will know soon. Earlier I tought it would be stupid to know, you put the baby in a box from the beginning and start making decision according to that. But now I just feel that you get better connected and it feels more real if you know. And in the end there is a difference between boys and girls, they should not be treated differently, but there is a difference. I see that now. Micke is not carrying a baby and having to worry about what and how to eat and so on.

torsdag, april 16

Summer clothes

I like H&M, espacially when you can shop from home, and because the prices are low so you can buy more, or more often.

But it feels a bit wrong to buy clothes at the moment. Not sure if I am getting bigger or not (something can go wrong) and to buy pregnancy clothes is not so smart either since I need them for 6 months, and will max once more in my life need them. Luckily I will/would be pregnant during the summer, so don't need so much clothes and can buy this part to put to my skirts.

This is what I ordered:

A lot of space, but is normal. Like the blue colour.

Cheap, might be comfortable

Leggings, big, good, just need something for the upper part.

We have still not bought one baby thing, not one, and we have not gotten any baby things, so no baby stuff at home. I am proud. But after the second ultrasound, when we know it for real. After week 24 it is a real.

Miss piggy

For Jade I will write some posts in English. Jade is the suprise visit from the wedding, so she is worht it.

Nothing new has happened. I don't get anything done on my shoolstuff since I spend my mornings doing Internet stuff and just relaxing and the evenings/afternoons working. But tomorrow I have one day off so have to get something done.

Micke is, again, sometimes at least, the cutest. He thinks it is so great that I am working since I am pregnent, and then he tells me to take it easy all the time, and that I just should rest the whole summer, since I am in my condition. It is cute, but I don't really agree. Pregnant women can live exactly as normal.

I have now started to feel like, and look like, miss Piggy. Before getting pregnant I never tought of how it would be, how it would feel, but I am not sure I like this feeling. I feel fat, not pregnant, only fat, and in the evenings after 8 liters of water I look the hippopotamus in Madagascar, especially in my tight pepsi max work t-shirt.

Now to the H&M shop to shop some clothes.

onsdag, april 15


Jaa, så nu ska jag prova på att skriva på svenska, blir kanske mera naturligt.

I början när jag börja denhär bloggen handla det mest om bröllopspalnering, men också mycket om vad som händer i mitt liv. Nu e bröllope, som tur, över och det enda som är kvar är att göra tack-kort, men det håller jag redan på med. Så det nästa steget i min "bli-vuxen" blogg handlar väl då om min graviditet och till slut blir det väl/hoppeligen en söt baby blog. Men vi får se.

Jag är jätte obekväm med att tala om mig själv som gravid, det känns väldigt onaturligt och jag har så svårt att tro på det själv, tror hela tiden att jag lurar alla andra när jag säger det. Ska nästa vecka till rådgivningen och hoppas att de sku höra på hjärtljud så sku ja lugna ner mig tills nästa ultraljud som är i maj.

Just nu borde jag må helt toppen och ha allt bra, men jag mår lite konstigt, men bara lite. Lite som krabbis. Lite huvuvärk, väldigt törstig hela tiden, sjukt på konstiga ställen och allmänt slö och hängi. Hoppas att det blir sommar snart så blir det säkert bättre. Mina sommarplaner är dåliga, så ligger troligtvis bara nånstans och slöar.

Idag ska jag igen på jobb.

tisdag, april 14

Maybe baby

The thing that I have left out for around 4 months from this blog is that I am pregnant.

It's quite a big thing of my life so to leave it out has been weird. But wanted family and friends to know first. Things can still of course go wrong, but I guess I have to realise there is no reason why it would happen to me right now, and if it does, it is meant to happen. Convincing myself.

So, right now I am in the 17th week (16+2) and still very small. 4 weeks ago we saw the baby in an ultrasound and it was perfect. 27th of September is the magical day, to Mickes horror a potential libra as myself (25.9).


As everybody who reads this blog have noticed, is that I have not been blogging in a while.

There is a reason to it. And the reason is that it has felt very weird to blog when I can't write about everything, but soon I am going to.

But before that, can I change the language to Swedish? Or is there anybody reading who wants it to be in English?

lördag, april 4

Wedding photos

Micke has a really nice friend. His name is Gunnar. He made a DVD for us with a lot of wedding pictures. Happy me. We had such a great wedding, so perfect. The only thing I am embaressed over is our dance. It did not at all go as planned. The plan was the following:
Dance a slow song, just me and Micke (to the Aladdin song), and Micke would just lead, do some weird things (turn me around) and so on. After that we would dance to Jump, the pointer sister (or something) song, some fusku. But Micke forgot the second song, and sort of panicked so the first song was too lame, he had no clue what to do.

Afterwards we tried dancing fusku to the song love boat which the band played. Did not work at all. So I am a bit embaressed over the whole thing, can't see any pictures or movie of it. Will have to wait some years to see it. But not everything can be perfect, but still everything was.

Eager non married girls

Difficult to feed the other one.

This is a funny picture. Because the cake was so so good, so can't understand why we are making faces like that.

Bye bye party. And yes, we fell asleep in the car.

onsdag, april 1

Renewing the living room

Yes. That is what I am doing. Went to Ikea on Monday and bought some bookshelves. This morning we built them and now I am trying to get everything to fit, but we have too much shit.

For example:
- Micke's icehockey cards from probably 15 years back. I guess he will have a lot of fun with them in the future

- Micke's turtle gameS (like old shool gameboy).

- A lot of gamecodes from games that probably don't exist anymore.

- Discs that don't even work to nowadays computers.

And, Micke wants to keep all of it. So how will I then be able to make a homy living room when there are weird stuff everywhere.