fredag, november 28

Friday morning

Still alive, but nothing speical to write about. We have sent most of the wedding invitations. I am doing my presetnation about bananas. And today I glöggrundan so we are off to Åbo/Turku. Great!

tisdag, november 25

Glöggrundan, soon we come!

I was very lovly lovy yesterday. Now I am not anymore. Now I am normal again. But happy.

Just had my second last presentation before christmas, have my last one next Monday (about bananas in Spanish), have no exams before christmas, me, micke, pedu, tanja, lee, dagny and steffen are all going to be at glöggrundna next Firday, there is a lot of snow outside and I feel good (even if I have not worked out for weeks, I blame the flue!).

Today I work from 13-22. Hope the planes are on time today.

måndag, november 24


Love is really the greatest feeling in the world. Love it. Love loving.

work in storm

Yesterday was a bit more hectic than usual at work. All the flights were delayed and we had a lot of hungry, sad customers. Luckily it was Sunday and I got double salary.

söndag, november 23

Micke is home

so I have had no want to blog. Then I have also been working, so no time for blogging. But Micke is home again, and it is great, great, great!

Yesterday after work we went watching Madagascar 2, great entertainment! Soon I am off to work again, hope that there won't be many delays today, even if the weather people have promised bad, bad weather.

torsdag, november 20

Snow + Helsinki= water

Things are looking better. I found a great idea, I hope it will work out as a great bachelor tesis topic. Hope.

When i woke up today there was snow outside, snow, for the first tiem this year in Helsinki. Now it is snowing a bit outside, but it still looks grey and awful, since when the snow falls to the ground, it becomes water and it's annoying walking in it, wespaiclaly since my new rubberboots from vagabond are broken. Not nice. I want a lot of snow, and then I want to go snowboarding. (not my picture-google)

I am tired, and I have to finnish a term paper. Uuuuh. And buy some more cards.

onsdag, november 19

Help me!

Uuuh. Now I really feel stressed. I don't know what to write my bachelor's thesis about. Not at all. Have been trying to figure it out now for some hours and don't get any good idea. Not even one. And I have to know before tomorrow because then Lee comes here to make invitation cards with me. I have already made around 10. It takes a long time. But I like them, they are pretty. I will try to send as few as them as possible, since it costs 85 cents to send a card in Finland. So, have to meet all our guests.

We got the weddingstuff we ordered some weeks ago. I got so, so upset with Micke, because I accidenlty found the note on the table where it said the package had arrived (it arrived on Friday) , and Micke had not said anything. If I would not have cleaned now, we might never have found it. But he was really sorry in the cold, rainy forest so I could not be angry at him for long. He had not even noticed the note.

tisdag, november 18

Messy me.

I don't know what's wrong with me, but nothing goes as planned anymore. I am always, at least used to be, very sharp, I don't forget, loose or mess-up things. This last week I have done it so many times.
It started with not having my passport with me and messing up everybody's Milan trip. Today I forgot my working shoes at home, so had to walk around in rubber boots at work for 8 hours, and I walk a lot as a waitres. I don't get my schoolstuff done and I am just a mess.

Is it the dark, rainy fall (it has still not snowed in Helsinki)? Or my flue? Or that I feel stressed? Or that I miss my poor husband to be?

He is out in the dark rainy woods with no toilet, no pillow, only a thin matress and a sleeping bag, a lot of responsability and only boys and guns and bears around him. Don't like the finnish army when they take him away from me for a week. I need my hugs and kisses.

måndag, november 17

Missy, missy.

I miss Micke. I want him to be here now.

I work tomorrow. On Wednesday I have to finish a term paper, don't feel like it at all. On Friday I have to know the topic of my bachelor tesis, have no clue. I break. I just want my Micke to be home. Have someone to sleep with, talk to, hug and kiss.

Great food in Milan

Tiramisu and desert table. After the food they came with the tray so how could you say now. The tiramisu was so, so great. Like air.

A lot of fish even if Milan is in northern Italy.

My fish.

Such a great starter. Octupus"ham", salad and artichokes. Mmmm

When you buy drinks in the evening you automatically get some snack with it.

A plate with different starters.

The best pizza ever. Only the dough and mozzarella in the owen and then later the parma ham was put on and also rucola and tomatos. So good.

söndag, november 16

Milan - not at all as planned

Wau. Have had such a surreal weekend, it has been incredible, both in a good and bad way.

The start of the Milan trip did not at all go as planned, since I did not have my pasport with me (seriously tought I could go to Italy with my drivers license - you can't, not with ryanair). So I could not get on the flight (we had been driving for 3 hours there). I take the car and start coming back home, really sad, talk to Micke and get the great idea to try to get another flight.
I drove back to Helsinki, 2 hours, and got a Finnair flight from Helsinki to Milan, so I was there 5 hours later than the others and a lot poorer. It was such a nightmare day, these things never happen to me.

Today when we got back everybody had to suffer since the car was not in Tampere, but in Helsinki, so we took buses and trains and ooohhhh. And we got up at 3.15 to get to the plane that left Milan 6.30. Deadtired.

But the trip was so worth the money, we had so much fun, have lauged as an idiot, eaten great food, drunk good wine, a lot, coffees and some shopping.

My travel companions: my mom, her friend and his wife. The friend, Risse, was like a clowny 5 year old kid. Very entertaining.

The weather was great: Sunshine, around 13 degrees, no rain. Just lovely. The cathedral is called Duomo and we climed up 150 stairs to get to the roof. The view was of course amazing, but I was so afraid of being so high up so did not enjoy it so much. Prefer the ground.
Shop til you drop, at least almost. Did not buy so much, but better that way. This is a lovely baby colored shirt and a new witnerfall jacket. Trying to prove that I look like a russian tourist with the fur (luckily you can remove it).

Dead in the train on the way back.

torsdag, november 13

Milan tomorrow

Milan is the shopping heaven for designer clothes. If I was rich I would maybe buy some design stuff, but I am not, and I don't like putting money just on brands. So I will eat icecream, drink wine and eat mozzarella and just enjoy life. And off course, act as a guide to my mom.

tisdag, november 11

I am cool...and calm.

I have started a new less stressful life. Every morning I write a list on what I should do, and then during the day I can draw a line over them, and when all of them are drawn over I can do whatever I want without feeling stressed.

Tomorrow I work and on Thursday I go home to mom and Pojo to cut my hair and on Friday we fly to Milan for 2 nights. I need wedding shoes, some sort of pin for my hair and underwear. Finding underwear that goes with my dress is not fun, since special underwear is expensive and I want to be comfortable.

Soon I get to send out the invitations. Yeah! It has been really hard to decide who to invite and now we are down to around 90 people, but that meant the all the persons we were not sure of, we decided not to invite. So it will be our oldest friends and family. My life in Helsinki is so messed up and I don't have really good new friends, but I know people and have had fun with them sometimes and I consider them my friends, but not great friends. So it was really difficult to decide if we invite them or not. I decided to keep it small, since I really do not want it big, I want to have fun with the people there.

måndag, november 10

The dogprincess Jigi

Here she is. I am feeding her, again. This time she started eating herself after I begged her to do it for 5 minutes. She is a big scary rottweiler, but can't eat herself. She is so not rottweiler as a rottweiler can be, the only rottweiler gene she has, is that she is stubborn, so so stubborn. Nothing else is rottwieler with her.

I would like to have a dog of our own, a rottweler, but days like these I so get why I don't want one yet. I want one some day I have a house where I just can open the door and let the dog out. I realised when I got out that it is a horrible storm out there. Nice. We got wet.

Big, big girl in a big, big world

I survived the shoolday and am now home do nothing. Will soon go for a walk with the dogprincess in the lovely, lovely weather. Later tonight me and Micke have a date. We are going to watch the new Bond. This is my last evening with him for a really, really long time. Two weeks. Too long. I love out evenings.

Had decided to eat healthily before Milan, but it might be hard with movie and popcorn and candy... This last week I have eaten badly, a lot of bad sugar and fat and uuuh. Feel very big.

söndag, november 9

Sunday again

The dogprincess Jigi is here again, until Wednesday. Today is fathers day. I am going to make chocolatemuffins for Mickes dad. I am so nice.

Yesterday we danced a lot. We are starting to get really good. Then I ate a lot of expenisve fish and in the evening we played poker and Cranium at Pedu and Tanjas place and I drank 3 alcholportions. Cider.

I like writeing like an 8 year old. It's simple.

fredag, november 7

Micke quote

Micke in the train on the way home after 2,5 h of bugg:

"If you could remove one thing from the world, you would have a hard time choosing between poverty and world of warcraft."

No chocolate fountain

We made a sad, sad decision some days ago. We won't have a chocolate fountain for the wedding. We both really wanted to have one, but the ones you can buy in Finland are really small so we would need many and if you rent one it is extremely expensive. Then someone would have to check on the fountain all the time. Sad, sad. But practicla and cheaper.

We will have a cake with chocolate instead.

we have two

Yesterday something weird, weird happen. We got a cycleergometer, the same one that we took back to lidl some months ago, and got the money back, and bought a new one from Pedu. But yesterday we got a new one from lidl, and we carried the 30 kg package probably 500 meters. Not nice.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

We went watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona yesterday evening. I liked the movie a lot, I recommend it. Micke who is more into normal hollywood stuff was not as into as I, but he tought it was okay. He was just most worried that I would do what the engaged girl in the movie did. Never.

There was a lot of Barcelona, crazy Spanish temper and spontanity. So great.

Then we went for some wine and tapas afterwards. Such a perfect evening.

torsdag, november 6


There is a finnish wedding magazine called HÄÄT, and it is crap. It is just a lot of advertisement for companies and few helpful articles. I made the misstake today and bought the new issue of it (it was packed in plastic so I could not scroll trough it, and it was 20 cents cheaper than the other one). Should have remembered how the last number was. Not good!

In this number of almost 300 pages they had only one good story, and it was about fighting in a relationship, they concluded what I also did, that it is good to fight. Then they said that there will be to smaller magazines in the number and it was jsut advertisement for Nivea and now and forever. And almost all the articles were from the wedding fair so I knew the shit already. Crap.

onsdag, november 5

I passed the exam!

The exam I was stressing about two weeks ago. I passed it. The last question went bad, got only 2 of 10 points, but the other 3 questions went great (10, 10 and 8). Now I just have to get my term paper written and passed and then I am done with this course. This course has been stressing me, since I last year decided to skip it since I did not like it.

I am a chocolate muffin

Somehow I got this great tought today, to make chocolate muffins, and practice being a great wife who makes chocolate muffins. Micke is also in a sweet stage so I knew he would love it.

After coming back from school (was supposed to listen to one presentation, but the one did not show up, so no class) I went jogging, and since I am nice I went to buy the missing ingridients on the way back (of course I forgot the butter, and made Micke go and get it later). I somehow regret buying the ingredients since I have now eaten so many muffins, that my workout and burned calories are gone. Now I am a muffin and feel like a muffin. But these muffins are so good, look at them:
There is both hard and soft stuff in them and they are so chocolaty. Yum, yum.

17 years - back in Finland after 10 months

I just started thinking of the time when I came back from Ecuador, after having been there for 10 months. I was 17, I sort of hated being in Finland. Everything was, in my opinion then, better in Ecuador, the food, the people, the enivronmnet (many of the things still are). I saw nothing negative with Ecuador and everything negative with Finland, was down for almost 6 months after coming back, had a Finnish cultural shock.

The day when I flew back is a day I never forget, mainly because I was an ass. My friends did the best things someone ever has done for me. They dressed up as male and came to pick me up from the airport. Ja hade beundrare. It was so cute, and the only thing I could say was that I hated Finland. Always regretted that.
But I had had a really bad time on the way home, cried half the way because I missed my hotfamily, I missed Ecuador, I had to pay 500 dollars to get my baggage home (had 12 kg too much, in total 76 kg) and they took me to check my bag for drugs, Finland was flat...

Another funny story is some weeks later. I was in Säästö Pörssi with my mom (still 17, not allowed to buy alchol) it was maybe 1 o'clock in the day, I took a cider, put it in our shopping bag, my mom bought it and then I drank my one cider in the car, like it would have been any coke or soemthing like that. Such weird behavior.

Everythign was so much different then. Now I am more grown-up, but my life is also more boring. We did crazy thing with Lee and Dagny during those times. Sad that it is over.

More exciting things

I totatally forgot one thing to be excited about. I am going to Milan next Friday with my mom.

And then another not to be excited about: Micke is next Saturday going for "repetition exercise" (repövning). He is going to run around in the Ekenäs forest shooting possible enemies (as you can see, I have no clue what they do there) and I am going to be all alone from Sunday to Friday. Horrible.
Since Costa Rica we have seen each other every day (except maybe one weekend). And I love it!

tisdag, november 4

Greatest family in Ecuador or the world.

Lorena is such a great person. Lorena is my hostmom I had in Ecuador when I was 16. I love her and that family so much. She just called me. I am happy, happy. She, and Galo her husband, have 2 lovely children, Mari who is already 9 (she was 4-5 when I was there) and there new kid Tomas, already 2. Tomas is the reason why I consider wanting children, he is so, so cute. And Mari is just the sweetest. The family is just so great. Have visited them twice since my first 10 months with them, one whole summer and then last christmas. I miss them, it would be nice if they lived closer and the tickets wouldn't cost 1000 euros. They gave me so much, when they did not at all have to, and they have given me since. I will send them chocolate tomorrow, they love Finnish chocolate.

Lorena has 4 cellphones and I have one. Poor and rich countries. Read an article where it said that cellphones can be more common in developing countires than toilets.


My body is restless, just attacking Micke. I am soon going to an hour of body and kick away all the restlessness. Waiting. I feel I don't get anything done. Supposed to write a term paper, but am still a bit confused on what aspect to write about, and have alrady written almsot half of it. Great.

Just saw the new Gossip Girl. Great episode.

Finnish rolemodel

I don't know how to start this post. So I'll just start it. I am semi-shocked. In Finland, we have a parliamentmember ( Don't excatly know the word in English, but a member of those who decide in Finland, the bigger one), and her name is Tanja Karpela. She got engaged for the 5th time this weekend. And she got divorsed maybe 6 months ago, and that was her 2 or 3 marriage.

First of all: An engagement is a promise of a life together and marriage. That is what it is. Not just a fun game where you sort of tell the world that you are with this person now, and then next year you are in love with soemone else and get a new ring.

If you have been engaged 4 times and not made it work, 4 times, there is probably something wrongwith you and commitment. Seriously. I believe that if you want something enough you can make it work, and you should, you should fight. Not just break up. And when you get engaged for the 5th time, maybe you should wait a bit longer than some months, since you should know yourself and know that you are maybe not the committed person, and of course you can change, but for the 5th time. Don't believe it.

I really think an engagement should be serious, should be for life, and it makes me angry that a person in her position (she is quite famous in Finland since she was miss Finland i 1991) takes it this lightly, and gets engaged for the 5 th time. I don't mind her living with the guy, but just be happy and don't get engaged inmediatly. This really makes me angry.

måndag, november 3

Watch Disney - avoid winter depression!

It is dark, dark outside, and cold and the winter is coming. Uuuh. But I have things to look forward:

- Christmas - no classes, a lot of candles, good food
- First week of January - I ordered clothes from H&M today for 300 euros (inlcuding those for Micke) and they will arrive then.
- February - I meet Tinna again.
- 14.2 our wedding
- 16.2 the Maldives
And then spring is here and things get better.

But before that, in 2 weeks I should figure out what to wirte my bachelor thing about. And then write it.

Today me and Micke watched "Robots" the Disney movie or maybe it's Pixar, I don't really know how they work. But still. A lovely make you feel happy movie: You can shine no matter what you are made of! Believe in yourself, don't give up! I need these movies in these times. Yesterday we watshed Aladdin, my favorite movie of them all.

Tinna is coming for the wedding!

I am so, so happy right now. Tinna, a really great girl from Iceland, is coming for our wedding. Have not seen her since before I met Micke, eastern before that, so over 3, 5 years ago. We spent one year in the same city, Cuenca, when we were in Ecuador. I am so happy she is coming. So, so happy.

lördag, november 1

Aj, aj, aj.

My body is aching and I could just sleep. Luckily Lee is coming to keep me company otherwise I would probably go to bed right now. Did a killer intervalmiddlebody training yesterday and today an hour of body, which was also tough. Now all my muscles are aching. It is cold in Finland, no snow yet, I don't like coldness and the darkness.