lördag, maj 30

För 4 år sen..

..blev jag student. Hade en fin frisyr med en blomma i och en rosa bandlös klänning som jag ännu tycker att är fin och så fick jag ett stipendium på cirka 1000 euro. På bjudningen som var i Ingå hade vi prinsesstårta och saltiga muffins (som inte var lyckade). Knipan kommer jag inte ihåg mycket av, efter det var jag i Jumpen tror jag (och fick nåt rött bak på klänningen som likna mensblod, men det var inte det), kom hem cirka 11 tiden på söndag och såg allt annat än vacker ut. Med andra ord kommer jag inte ihåg dagen så bra. Saknar digifoton från den tiden.

Några veckor efteråt skrev jag inträdesförhör i u-landsforskning (kom inte in) och sen for jag till Ecuador för 2,5 månader. Var också till Colomiba för 2 veckor. For för att hitta mig själv för hade saknat så tillbaka till Syd Amerika, men när jag kom dit konstatera ja att det som ja sakna fanns här i Finland. Och då kände jag för första gången hur äcklig känslan saknad kan vara. Hade en vecka före min studentdimission träffat Micke.

Och jag skrev också åt mig själv att jag inte sku "fucka up" det, för det, och han, kunde bli det bästa som nånsin hänt mig. Och det var det nog och fortsättnignsvis är det. Annars sku ja inte ha ett litet liv som är väldigt morgonpiggt som sparkar i min mage nu...

fredag, maj 29

Me and my muffin

McDonald chocolate muffin. One of the yummiest muffins ever. So fluffy with chocolate pieces.

Yes, enjoying it very much!

After the family preparation we went to Dubliner. Micke had some beers, I drank soda water and I lost in chess. I really dislike how you just can't loose it if you want to, but you have to put yourself in a position so that the other can win, no matter what you do.

Some boxing with a Wii machine, and bowling and golf and tennis at Dubliner.

That was my day yesterday. Today, tomorrow and Sunday I work. Hopefully people, including me, are in a good mood. And it is good to work, I walk a lot and burn calories and don't have time to eat so much.

torsdag, maj 28

Dreaming of chocolate cake

My visit to Kela was not worth the trip in to the center (we live 15 minutes by train from the center). The woman knew nothing. So I continue my own research.

Micke took the camera again, so no pictures for the blog. Sorry!

Today I have alrady taken a walk (everything to get my toughts away from food and chocolate cake) and in the afternoon we have to first "family preparation" meeting. And I will probably go by McDonald's and buy a chocolate muffin. They are soooo good. And have 500 calories.

Could just eat all the time, exactly all the time. It's crazy. And so difficult to resist. Pizza, hamburger, french fries, choclate cake, cheesecake...

onsdag, maj 27

KELA here I come!

I am now going to KELA/FPA (the finnish social security office) and discuss how much money I can get when I stay home for a year with the baby. Probably just the minimum since I am a student, but I want to be sure about that. Will be interesting. And probably take a long time.

154 days of my pregnancy have passed (today it should be 158) so now I can apply for the babybox (a box filled with stuff for the baby, like clothes) and then money for the first 105 days and some sort of child pay (100 euro a month for the first child).

By the way the book I read was crap. And I realised it on the last page, after having read 400. No conclusion in the end, have no idea how it actaully ended, don't like making up my own endings.

tisdag, maj 26

Alles gut!

Yes. Everything was okay with me and the baby. I had gained 2,6 kg, those that I had lost last time. So now I am at the starting weight... I don't want to get much heavier, I don't need to since my weight right now is quite high. But I love food and I love to eat.

7 kgs total weight gain would be okay by me, max. I think around 12-14 is the average. How much did you gain during your pregnancy (if any of my readers have been pregnant) ? And did you get it away?


Since I can feel that everything is okay with the baby (otherwise it should not be kicking...) the thing I worry the most about is how much weight I have gained. I fear something like 6 kg. And that is not good. 6 kg in 5 weeks would be horrible. I hope it is less, but it is really hard to say based on my body, since the stomach is growing and in any case getting bigger, and I eat all the time all too much.

Have to stop.

måndag, maj 25

Life is good!

Oh. My life is actually quite perfect right now. The sun is shining, the trees and the grass is green, I have 4 days until I work the next time, the house is quite clean, my sausage soup is soon ready, I am married to the love of my life and right now happily pregnent (the baby is kicking many times a day so I know everythign is alright and tomorrow I will get to hear heartsounds again). What more could I ask for? Nada.

Will just try to enjoy this moment and read a good book. Right now I am reading "Kronprinsessan" by Hanne-Vibeka Holst.

Oh, and I am going to Sweden and Norway with the bestest Lee next Monday. Will drive to Norway to visit Dagny.

lördag, maj 23

Boring workdays

Today and tomorrow I work again. Hopefully it will not be as stressful as last Wednesday, I am so used to calm harmonic days and my body is not up for too much running.

Tonight I will be home all alone, and have to sleep all alone, which is quite nice since then I have to bed all to myself. I like my space when I sleep. Our bed is 160 cm. Micke is going to a friend for a game evening/night. That means a lot of alcohol and boy stuff and then he will just be too lazy to come home.

fredag, maj 22

The great Thursday

Oh, yesterday was so one of the greatest days in a long time. A day when everything was just perfect.

Spent the day home with Micke, watching food programmes and doing nothing smart. Since our fridge was quite empty we made spanish tortilla for lunch. Okay, but quite boring.

In the afternoon/evening we went bowling with Jari and Dannu. I think I lost. After the first 10 throws my arm was so tired I lost the interest in the game.

Then time for some food. We went to Casa Largo and I ate a lot. Since I can't drink (or of course I can, but I don't think it is right) I tought I can eat the calories instead. And also because I love food and I am hungry all the time. Had two tapas starters. Gazpacho and garlicbread with tomato. As a main course paella valenciana and desert chocolate mousse with churros. A totally spanish day foodwise.

I had fun and the best was I did not even feel out even if I was not drinking.

Hopefully my down time is coming to an end and all my days will be happier.

Finally, hopefully, done

This morning I hopefully wrote my last exam for a long time. I wrote the "mognadsporvet" (exact translation: maturity exam) this morning. Not exactly sure what it checks, either that I wrote my own bachelor thesis or the language. It was not supposed to be difficult, and the 3 questions, which I chose one from, were not difficult either, but I had to write at least 4 pages, and I am not good at making things up. Just write how it is and that is it. When I had written half a page I started wondering how I will get 4 pages... Erased it all, and started again, and then I explained everything as well as I could and got 4,5 pages. Proud! Now I jsut hope I pass that course, no matter what grade, and I can take out my bachelors degree and start thinking about my future. Maybe I should focus on the EU. One thing is sure tough, I will take a master's degree, just not sure in what yet. Life changes people. And right now I have no clue what I want to do.

torsdag, maj 21


Yesterday was a horrible day at work. Feel sorry for those who actually work there, since they probably have to go back there today, or then they were there on Tuesday. My body is totally dead from yesterday.

It was horrible because we had many customers, annoying customers and too few waitresses. The greatest thing I managed to do was to fell a tray of Pepsi, wine and a galss bottle of mineralwater between 2 tables. Luckily I did not hit anybody, and the fluid did not touch anybody, but the time it took to clean could have been spent better. Was quite ashemed, tried making sad jokes about the airport as a dangerous place... After this nothing worked. You know there are a lot of things for a waitress to do and many things to remember, so I hope no one thinks waitressing is an easy job. It is not. Yesterday I had 13 tables to look after, each table can seat 4 persons. For these tables I have to do: bring fork and knife, take orders, bring drinks, bring food, maybe bring some more drinks or something that is missing, ask for desert, take out coffees, bring the bill, clean the table from the plates and finally clean the table before the next customers come. That is about 8 tasks . And then when all the 13 tables want me to do some of the tasks, for example bring the bill, then it is chaos!!!

This morning I still somehow found the energy to be the perfect wife. Made some coffee and american pancakes for Micke to the bed. Tought that would wake him up. But no, he ate the pancakes, drank some coffee and continued sleeping.

onsdag, maj 20

Small kicks

Have now for almost a week been able to feel small kicks when I lay still and have my hand on the stomach. Feels good to know something is moving around. Now I am just waiting for bigger kicks so that Micke also could see and feel it... He is waiting so much.
Now 21+3 weeks.

tisdag, maj 19


Today I had boring household stuff on the agenda, such as wash clothes, clean the toilet, clean kitchen, make food. In other words very boring stuff.

After waking up at 8, I went back to bed around 11 and slept for 3 hours. After that I have been tired and not as motivated to clean as I should have been. The toilet and kitchen are still dirty. But I know everythign that is happening in the doctor Phil house.

Oh, I did one great thing today. Dinner. Salmon with dijonsauce and potatos. Yummi and so simple to make.

måndag, maj 18

Proud owners of Teutonia Spirit s3

Wihiii. We are now proud owners of a black red teutonia spirit s3 from 2007. And it is in our bedroom. We are, tough, 300 euros poorer, but that is better than being 800 euros poorer (if we would have bought a new one). Happy, happy me. I just wanted this model so much, it is perfect for Helsinki and shops and cafes, but also long walks on sandy roads. So we bought it now when we found a good priced used one.

We bought it from a family in Helsinki, still some warranty left.

We also bought a nice baby sitter from them, and then we got some baby clothes for free. Now we are quite prepared for the baby. Waiting so much, 18 weeks left. Too much!

But the first ride was not perfect. Not at all, luckily there was no baby in it!

We had to take the bus, metro and train. When entering the bus I managed to forget to break was on, then I tried getting in with the front wheel, but it was too high, so had to lift it. But then I lifted on the wrong place, so the seat that was in a lying position went up and the bag for the baby that was inside fell out, and then I got stuck in front of the door... Total chaos. Was so ashamed. Luckily the bus was empty and there was no baby. Have now learned that you should enter the bus with the 2 wheel side. After that Micke got to drive.


From Mickes best friends we got a picnic basket filled of yummi stuff as a wedding gift. Yesterday I found one of those yummi things, Nutella spread, and now I can't stop eating it. Breakfast, dessert, snack...When I was around 10 we always had it at our summercottage... Summery feeling.

Another childhood thing I did today was to buy the fish "flundra". We used to buy that from the market on Saturdays and it was so mmmm. Today I had it for lunch. It was good, but very salty.

Bought 2 fishes and since I never buy fish I did not understand it would be so expensive. 2 of them was 9 euros. Horror. I don't buy fish because I don't like it, more because it is quite expensive and in the small shops that are close to us they don't sell so much fish. Should become a fisherwomen.

Today we are going to check out an used pram, a teutonia spirit s3. The one I want the most. Only problem at the moment with the one we are going to look are the colors, red and black are not my favorite. But poor students becoming parents can't complain!

söndag, maj 17

Eurovision 3

I can't understand what people see in Norway's song. I just do not get it. I don't even get the meaning of the lyrics.

But, overall I would say that almost all the songs were weird in some way, and I did not have any real favorite. Just did not want Norway to win. And they did. Don't like the eurovision so much anymore.

Today is my fourth day of working. I am becoming quite sick of customers, don't want to see them anymore... And all these 3 days before have had some megahectic moment in them, so my body is quite tired. Just have to think about the dubble pay today and things will be great!

fredag, maj 15

Eurovision 2

Continuing on this.

UK has for the first time in a long time a girl that really can sing, and the melody of the song is okay, but who wants to hear for 3 minutes that it is my time, yeah, we get it UK, it is your time now, but if your song does not say anything other than that, then you are not really worth it.


I am disappointed. The Neatherlands did not get to the final and I loved their song, that is what an eurovision song should be like. Happy and energetic, with some old (or semi-old) men singing and dancing to, and some sort of meaning in the words to make the world better. And they did not have thin model back-up singers.

People are weird. And I do not like Norway, even if it is said it is going to win. Blä, it does not make me feel good. Shine did!!!

My day is ruined... Taking this seriously.

torsdag, maj 14

3 months

Now we have been married for 3 months...

Yes, some marriages have been shorter. Our first married months have not been perfect all the time, my moodchanges and tiredness have not helped, but it has been good. Nothing special, but good, nice to know that there is something stable in your life that you don't have to question all the time.

Second ultrasound

Finally the long wait is over!

When we got in to the room and she put the gel and thing on my stomach and said there is the heartsound, that's when I was able to relax. I think the baby had been awake and lively before we started, so in the ultrasound situation it was sleeping. This time it was really hard for us to see exactly what was what and what was happening. Probably because it had the head down and feet up. The heart, kidneys and everything else looked like it should look. And yesterday was day 20+3, but the size of the baby was equal to 21+1. So we are going to get a huge baby, but that we already knew. From Micke and me no small babies can come...

The babies home is in front of my stomach, so that also explains why I have not felt real, hard kicks yet. I can feel something moving around so to say, but not what I think a real kick should feel like. But this is normal since when the home is in the front, it sort of makes the kicks softer (if I now understood it correctly).

Otherwise yesterday was great. Not maybe econimically, but for mine and Mickes relationship. We spent the whole day in the center. First for a salad lunch, then to look at baby clothes and other baby stuff (bought a pyjama again, guess our baby will have to sleep a lot), then for coffee with Micke's friend Pedu, then to watch angel and demons (recommend it), then for hamburger dinner (for me, salad for healthy mike who ate a lot of candies at the movie) and then home where we got our baby car seat.

The babies second pyjama.

Even if we don't have a car, we will probably need a car seat for the baby, latest when we get home from the hospital, since I am not going to take the bus then. And then we might need it if we go somewhere with someone elses car. We found this on huuto.net, and payed 11 euros for it (it is used before, but not so much). Just have to wash to pieces and it will be like a new on.

We also asked the sex and she said what she tought, but the weird thing is that it didn't matter. First we were both very curious to know, but now that we know it is the same. Just happy everything looked good!

onsdag, maj 13


Today is finally the day I have been waiting for forever! The second ultrasound. Don't know how to react or what to do if everything isn't okay, so hope so much everything will be great. And if everything is okay, then I will think it is for real, start preparing and so on (even if I sort of have been doing it already).

I spent my free day yesterday by "interneting" and eating. I ate so much it's scary.

Want so much everythigns to be okay, and after that to know if it is a little boy or girl.

Can't wait!!!

måndag, maj 11


Yesterday I went to Karis to meet my mom to go to Ingå to visit my grandmother, we had Jigi with us since she is staying with us in Helsinki until tomorrow. And she was the biggest enterteinment, she couldn't come in since my grandmother has a cat, so she was ouside close to the balcony and "talking" all the time saying with her face that she had now been treated badly. She is so cute.

My cousin also came to my grandmothers place, and they have a 6 month old kid/baby, and he also came there. Every time I am close to kids/babies I get some sort of panic, can't look at them or talk about them, just get this weird feeling that I want to get away and hide and that I am not ready for a baby. Luckily there is still 20 weeks left, so I can prepare, and hopefully it is different with your own kid. But still don't know what to say and do with small kids...

Today I work, hopefully my back will be a bit more co-operative than earlier days.

söndag, maj 10

Thank yous

Soon we have finally sent out all the thank you cards from the wedding, this is what they look like:
A lot to cut and glue! And I (okay Micke helped a little bit) have made over 50 of them... Took some time. The photo is taken by Nina Ahtola.


Happy mothers' day to all the moms out there. Hopefully I will be one of them next year. Waiting so much. Had such a great, great and mega real dream this night, so real that I many times in the dream asked if it was a dream, and everybody said no, this is real. Sad that it was not. I gave birth, to a baby girl (weird) and then I fed her and carried her around and she was so the cutest. So now I am a bit confused, my 3 baby dreams before was always with a boy, so I was sure it was a boy (mitt undermedvetande måst ju veta...), but now... Only 3 days to the second ultra, can't wait at all.

Yesterday evening was very nice, it was the humorlandscamp, stand-up in other words, with people I don't meet to often. Great, great!

Today my plans are a bit unclear, but have a nice Sunday!

lördag, maj 9


Did not get such a good start on this morning. Just threw up two rye breads with turkey and cucumber on and a raspberry viilis. The viilis was quite nice to throw up, but the rye bread, not so great, even worse than apple. Trying to get up all those pieces... Feel so sorry for women that throw up a lot, it is horrible.

So, why? This is the 4th time I throw up under this pregnagncy, and it has every time had to do with how I have taken my iron medication. Today I took it before 1 hour before my breakfast, on an empthy stomach (which is how you always should take it). But, normally I always have a small breakfast with the iron, for example fruitbabyfood or an orange, today I did not, tought it would work without. Did not. From now on I should know to stick to what I have learned!!!

The icehockey game was not a success for Finland, so won't go into rewieving that..

onsdag, maj 6

Ice hockey!

Before yesterday I was totally out with the sport everybody is talking about right now: ice hockey. But today, we are apperently having a "kisastudio" at our place. Lee has been here the whole afternoon and we have made pizza, and eaten a lot of it, and now on the agenda is Finland against someone, and this is an important game. I will probably enjoy the popcorn and ice cream more.. Not so much into ice hockey.

Oh, it is against USA. Use an A (said by Lee, something to do with Borat...)


I have lately, quite long now actually, been feeling quite down. Nothing a normal person would notice since it is easy to play happy, but I notice it in my head, and I guess Micke also can say since I am so the real (horrible) myself with him. I don't like this feeling, I would like to be happy, happy flying on pink clouds and just be normal me, but no. Right now I just feel like lying in the bed, doing nothing. I have tried to fix it by eating good healthy stuff and rest a lot, and have things to look forward to, but have not totally worked, don't get that great feeling like " wau, life is great" (even if it totally is).

Today I tried something different. Went for a great salad lunch with my second cousin to Teatteri. Yum. Recommend! Then I just walked around and wanted to find a supportive bra (did I? No!) and gave myself the premission to look at baby clothes. And I even bought a pair. Also realised that it is impossible to buy clothes when you don't know the sex, I don't like those brown clothes and all the others are for either sex, and I don't want to dress my son in girly clothes. Children should be treated the same, but in our culture boys and girls dress differently and that is how it is.

This is what I found. Micke wants a strong child, so bamse is great. And this is something I can imagine both a little girl and a boy sleeping in.

On the way home I ate an arnold's donut (making my stomach bigger...) and when I got home I had some marabou daim. But I still don't feel much better. Hopefully I will get happy when Micke comes home.

Today I also decided to take a first, stomach picture, and decided to post it here. But now, there are 2 things to observe. I never wear clothes that are this tight outside the house (on top of this I had a big shirt), so in real life you don't really see there is a stomach. Second, I have always been quite big, so the stomach is not really that big. Then also some side comments, I put my arms in the air, so I guess that makes it weirder (maybe bigger!?!) and then I took the same picture from different distances, so you see it is quite easy to make a stomach look bigger on pictures...


Boy or girl

Okay, I found this page with signs how to know if it is a boy or girl, so here it comes:

Felt very sick in the beginning, then it is a girl - not so much or not at all sick, boy. Our case: Boy

Take the mom's age and the year the baby was done (our case: 23 and 2009) if both numbers are even or uneven then it is a girl, otherwise boy. Our case: Girl

Problems with spots and other faceproblems, then it is a girl (have not had any problems with that). Our case: Boy

If the heartrate of the baby is under 140 then it is a boy and if it is over then it is a girl (it was around 150). Our case: Girl

If you want to eat sweet stuf it is a girl, and if you want salty stuf it is a boy. Have not really felt like sweets, so guess our case is: Boy

According to this we will get a multisex baby who is a bit more boy... Hopefully they can tell us next Wednesday when we have the next ultrasound, but even more I hope they will see that everything is okay.

No motivation anymore

Great. Got an e-mail saying my bachelor paper was an disappointment. And I don't even care so much, just don't have the motivation anymore, and want the whole thing to be over. Have been half stressing with it now for half a year, so I am sick of it. If I want a slightly better grade I can still fix some language details, so I will do that. I now realize what I should have done, but tought I was doing that, but no. Want it to be over!!!

tisdag, maj 5


Just counted I will work 15 days this month, and there are 31 days. So this month I have something to do, but what happens next month? (Except SNorge trip (To Norway trough Sweden with car and Lee) and a summer birthday party and midsummer)

Should get some sort of direction in life, but can't find it. I am lost. I was not accepted to Uppsala, but not because of me, but because they said I did not give the proof of my enlgish language. And that is bullshit. I wrote on a paper that I have 30 study points in courses that are tought in English, and which those courses were, and Hanken is a Nordic shool, so it should (and has to!) count. So have to wait some more, and when I get the papers home, I will have to appeal. Still don't know the results from Lund, but it would be so typical I get accepted there, since that happened last time 4-5 years ago, and I would like to go to Uppsala. Applied to a master programme in development studies.

söndag, maj 3


So in other words, week 20, month 5. 147 days left! Talking about the pregnancy.

Have started to feel a bit more pregnant, my stomach is growing. Tought it would show well after week 16 (don't know where I got that from) and did not realize it is very individual, and for some you can't see they are pregnant even in week 25, for me you can probably see now if you know, otherwise you just think I am a bit overweight. Will put pictures when it is bigger.

My breasts have at least grown, they feel so heavy. Before I could take walks without a bra (bad at wearing one if I am just home, uncomfortable, so please, no suprise visits!) but now it does not feel good at all. And I am also quite tired and in quite bad shape. Have not felt any kicks yet, at least so that I would know it was one.

The baby should now weight around 250 grams and be around 22 cm long. It is crazy! Inside of me!?

We have still not bought any baby stuff, but I am, still, very excited to buy the baby's "car". (Someone know what "kärra" is in english?) and have now 3 posibilities but no of them is totally perfect, but almost. I (ööh, we) want one with 3 wheeles, and so that you can lock the wheel in the front, then you should be able to change the direction and the wheels should be big. Thinking of:
teutonia spirit s3,
quinny freestyle or
herqules raptor 3 spin.

Anyone reading this blog that knows anything about them?

I also subscribed to a finish baby magazine, vauva. It was cheap and then I will learn a lot. And not take all my ideas, especially on how to eat, from Internet. (That was a sarcastic comment to my mom who thinks I get my ideas only from Internet and no real source).

Apple pie

Today I wanted pie, so I made this delicious pie

Does maybe not look so delicious, since I forgot the cinnamon and put in on top instead. If you want a pie that is done and ready in 30 minutes, then this is your recipe:

Put the oven on 225.
Take two big apples and cut them into pieces, put them in an owen form and put some cinnamon on top.
Mix 0,5 dl of flour, 1 dl of "havregryn" (probably only swedish speakers who would even try making this, otehrwise, ask in the comment field what it is in english, and I will find the translation) and 1-2 table spoons of sugar. Put in on top of the apples.
Take som butter and a cheesecutter and cut the butter to thin slices with the cheesecutter and put butter all over the pie, just one layer.

Have 20 minutes in the owen.

Yummi. I ate 3/4 and Micke got the rest. This is half a normal recipe, but if you are 2-3 persons you won't need more, otherwise make it bigger.

1 and 2 May

Micke traveling with my relatives and their friends with their bus from Ingå (enjoying the sparlking wine) while I was driving the car behind them. Not so much fun for me, since the other drivers were very enoying.

The gang going to Knipan in windy Ekenäs.

The yummy starter table!

At Knipan with 2 happy happy persons. But I had an Irish Coffee, without Irish. Yum!!

On Saturday we went to our summer cottage and tried to give it a face lift. Micke was "gathering leaves" and I was playing with the dog or complaining my stomach was hurting. The only thing I actually finished was the food. I am not so good at stuff you do at a summer cottage, but sort of like everything that has to do with food. And my nose also started bleeding so Micke told me to rest, was a great "rester": gave a lot of helpful (probably not) ideas on what Micke and my mom should do.

lördag, maj 2


Back in Helsinki again. Have had 2 great days. A lot of sun, fun people, great food and slow cars in Western Nyland (don't understand to drive 100 and not 75). Now we are happy, poor and tired and it is only 11 days until the second ultrasound. Want everything to be fine. Will just relax in the sofa tonight and later post some pictures from 1 and 2 of May. Time passes so fast. Imagine. I have now had the babything in my stomach for 4 months. Tomorrow I go into week 20, so after that week half is done. Crazy! Never tought it would go like this, don't really feel it is happening to me.

fredag, maj 1

My wapp

was of course not at all what I had expected. In a negative sence. I was stressing in the kitchen half the afternoon (making tzatiki potato salad and real meatballs and running to buy something I forgot, and cleaning) and then we only had 1 guest out of 4. Because of the stressing I was also in a bad mood and the one guest we had was entertained by me and Micke being mad at each other, and then me and Micke trying to figure out where the problem was, then becoming friends, getting mad at each other again. And so on.

The best moment of the day was when we came back from Havis Amanda, ate a bit of wappen food, sat i the sofa and just watched TV. So relaxing.

Salad with Micke when he got home, and alcohol free sparkling wine. Had not yet had time for a shower so look veeery nice.

Micke is this happy of getting alchol free sparkling wine, if he would not have known he would not have complained.

Putting the hat on Havis Amanda. It was Hanken's turn this year. Was not so special, but a good wappen tradition. And I got strawberries and was happy for the time it took to eat them, then I was weird again.

People at the Senatsquare, felt a bit out, did not know what to do when I was not in a happy tipsy mood, which all the other people were. Feel I am getting old and boring when I can'tdrink.

Home again, just relaxing, watching simpsons and other weird things. Lovely!

Today we go to Knipan (a restaurant) in Ekenäs with my aunts, uncles, grandfather, mom and so on. And it will actually be very nice. Would like to have a struva. Now.