måndag, juni 30

Early wake-up

This morning I woke up 15 minutes later than yesterday, at 5.15. I tried to sleep a bit more, but there are busses drvinig really fast outside and they are using the "tut", which made it really hard to sleep.

Today the programme starts for real. We will in the afternoon meet out hostfamilies and before that we have orientation and intercultural understanding session. I am not as tired as yesterday and it feels good to be here. Have met a lot of nice people. There are around 20 of us in the programme.

It is therainy season here, so bought an umbrella esterday, for 1,25 euros. One bad thing is here tough, my cellphone is not working. So I won´t get any nice messages from Micke.

söndag, juni 29

Liking San Jose

I have now arrived safely to San Jose. The last flight from NY to San Jose (5h) I spent drewling all over my face while sleeping and when I got here I was even more tired. They gave me an exit seat with more space for the legs, since I looked tall. Great with nice people!

In San Jose there was a person waiting for me and he took me to my hostel. The hostel was overbooked so we spent it in another place. I mean now me and Malin, another girl here from Finland,she had come earlier in the morning. I just fell asleep and woke up at 5 o clock this morning. I think the time difference is 9 hours back from Finland so it will take some time to adjust to this.

After a cold shower in the morning we went exploring San Jose. The streets are quite clean and they have to best names on the streets. THey are just number with a C or A saying if they are horizontal or vertical and then they have 2 main roads, and from that they use the uneven numbers (1,3,5...) for one direction and even numbers (2,4,6...) for the otehr one. So great when you don´t have to remember names, just numbers, and then you know how far away from the center it is. There are a lot of cows in the city. Plastic cows painted in different ways. Have taken a lot of pictures, will put them here soon.

It is much warmer here than I imagined, it is like warm, warm finnish summer and much more humid. I am now sittign in a skirt and my new submarine shoes and I am quite warm. I had some good chicken soup for lunch so my only probelm right now is that it is one o clock and it feels like 7 (so tired).

My first impression of the city is very good. My Spanish is not too bad and it is warm. I talked to Micke, it was not too expensive. Nothing is too expensive here, my soup and a juice was maybe 3,5 euros.

lördag, juni 28


I am now sitting on Newark airport waiting for my next and last flight to San Jose. Luckily I have my computer, but packed the adaptor in my suitcase so can't charge it. Bought one hour of internet time also.

I have had a nice fresh salad here and a Ben&Jerries smoothie. The best I have ever had. Their sortiment, here at the airport is so big. I had one with frozenyoughurt and rasperry icecream and strawberries. Mmm. I could get so fat here at the airport, I would like to try it all. And it is so cheap. Guess I will have to come to the states some day. And just eat. Maybe I get to come here in fall.

My flight day have gone really well. Suprisingly well. Of course, my ears has almost exploded because of my flue and the airplane pressure, but everything else has been perfect. Al flights on time and so on. And then the most important part. SAS is a great airline. All the passengers had their own screen from where you could pick which movie you wanted to see, play some solitary, battleship or 9 other games and a lot of music. Then they were so nice the flightcrew and we also got a warm wet tissue. I loved it. And for food it was good meatballs, almost like those in Ikea, and rhubarbdessert. I love rhubarb. And we ahd our own bottle of water by the seat when we got in. If I could. I would always fly long flights with that plane and them.

The morning was a bit sad, but that's long ago. I hugged Micke forever and then he left, but I have soem voicerecordings and pictures of him. So can always listen to those. But I know he would love it here, he would eat on Mc Donald's or a huge pizza slice and then I somehow would eat half of it. And he would be excited about Ben and Jerries and the screen in the plane. Mmm

I haven't yet really understood that I am going to Costa Rica. I am just going with the flow.My own flow. I am on autopilot.

fredag, juni 27

Get married at 23

The meeting with my brother was very nice. He said I was stupid to get married at 23. Do you really think age matters that much? I don't. He seems to. My mom did not comment. I guess she agrees with my brother. I don't. So the family meeting was very lovely.
My brother has an important part in the wedding, he will have to film it with his videocamera.

This day so far

Tomorrow at 8.30 my first plane, the one to Stockholm leaves, still 13 hours to that. 1,5 hours until Micke starts his night shift. Won't sleep with him for many many nights, 30 I guess. A bit sad.

I got up quite early this morning and went to the center to fix all the things I hadn't fixed before, there were quite many. And I still didn't feel so well. I fixed my thiongs and then Micke came and we went for lunch, to a pasta place. And then we met my mom. My mom is great support on the phone, but in real life she is quite annoying, especially since she gets some touhgt and then she sticks to it. Today it was that I was panicing. The truth is closer to the fact that I am still with a flue and my head won't work and I hate that.

Okay, so, my shoes are a bit broken, so then the big thing was to buy me shoes. So we had to buy me shoes, and normally it takes many weeks for me to buy shoes. Now I had to buy a pair right now. Or my mom did. They look like submarines.

In the end I just got more stressed having her around. I also saw my brother and his girlfriend, she looked and seemed nice, which is a bit suprising.

Now we have eaten new potates, I have packed and soon I am all alone.

torsdag, juni 26

Sickness in the city

After two days of being sick with the flue I went to work yesterday. Not so smart, but since the system in Finland with proofs of sickness is so sick, I decided to skip that stress and go to work. Not a good choice. My voice was one of a very old, his whole life smoking, man, if not worse. The customers didn't understand me and my hearing was quite bad, so I didn't hear them. I felt really sick the whole day and decided I can't go to work today. So I got up this morning at 7 and started calling first the firm that hired me, then those I work for and after that tried to get a doctor. Everything worked. And I got to be home and sick today. And I got a good cough medicin. In Finland you are not allowed to be sick, no, then you should run to different places to get a proof that you are sick. Why can't people just be honest?

I have started to think about Costa Rica. I have quite a small suitcase, so can't take with me a lot of things. I am there to study (easy to forget) so how much can I need. I am not really used to using clothes since I have had my working clothes on me also on the way to work and at home I just have something. And now I have to get dressed, and I have no clue about the wheater.

I have been watshing a lot of sex and the city. It is such a great show. I really like it. And you can think about the meaning of life while watshing it. I will do that now.

måndag, juni 23

Some pictures from the weekend

Since I am sick and slighlty bored I will upload some pictures form the weekend.
Micke showing his true nature

Watching some sex and the city

World's best pizza

Lee got afraid of a spider and pushed her cider, and I got wet and she laught evilly (maybe not the exact truth, but I like this version more)

A masterpiece made by me

My cute icecream boy. Going to miss him so much. He takes so good care of me when I am sick. And I am the worse sick ever, just complaining.


I am home today. I should be working, but I am sick. No energy at all, and sore everywhere. I hate being sick.

söndag, juni 22

Going towards darker times

Now I have clebrated the summer, and now we are going towards winter again. Thursday at work was the worst day ever, but 2 days in Hanko with a lot of food, some drinks and my wonderful Micke made it all better. And now I am almost ready to go there again, which I will have to do in 2,5 hours. Then 5 days of work, and then I am leaving for Costa Rica.

torsdag, juni 19


My body is tired, and I feel so without energy, but after todays' work I will have 2 days off to celebrate missummer. We are going to Hanko to Mickes parents summer place. Will be interesting.

In a little bit over one week it is time for Costa Rica. It will be a great programme. We have so much things to do, and then we also have to study there.

These were my toughts right now.

måndag, juni 16

I am getting too old

Of course did my Sunday not go as planned, and it made me sad and disappointed. So in a try to make it better, Micke took me to Borgbacken /Linnanmäki (an amusement park in Finland) in the evening. But it was not as fun as it used to be, I didn't want to go in all the crazy things, and even if I didn't start to feel sick in the rides as quickly as Micke, I felt quite sick after some rides. We decided to go there next time when we have children. So not anytime in the near future.

Today at work, one other waitress had been to Provinssirock ( a big music festival) and one of the artists was eating in the restaurang. She is their biggest fan, and I had never even heard about them. She was totally crazy, she could not stay calm at all. So thery are probably big. I think they were called billy talent. So again, I felt very old. Have no clue what bands are playing on the radio.

Since I am getting so old, I will spend my evening watching the first episodes of sex and the city.

lördag, juni 14

I am alive

just no blog inspiration. I am on my way to the center to meet Micke. Have not seen him for more than 15 minutes for days. Miss him. Tomorrow I get to spend my day with him. Waiting

onsdag, juni 11

I am such a great girlfriend

Today I really have been.

Micke got home at 6 in the morning from his work, and then he had to leave again a bit after 2 for his next shfit. Got to see him 2 hours. But I made his morning perfect.

I did the dishes, washed clothes, put clothes in the closets, cleaned the kitchen, made some breakfast rolls (havregrynssemlor), made coffee, bacon and egg and I also went to buy food. I have stopped freaking out about the wedding and focus on what is important. In other words Micke.

Wonder what I should do the rest of the day since it is raining outside.

Sex and the city

Sex and the city is a great movie, so so entertaining. The best entertainer I have seen for ages. I loved it. But it also got me to wake-up. I remember when me and Micke started to plan this wedding, I was afraid it would be just a big project and after it was ready there would be nothing, and we would fall a part. And also that the party itself is more importnat that the fact that we love each otehr and want to be together for the rest of our lives.

I have been having weird stress dreams about the wedding, 8 months before, and I have felt it is all too much. I have many times considered just getting married, saying I do, and then leave for a honeymoon. That would be okay for me. When I do something or plan something it has to be the best option of everything that is available and this makes the deciding process very long. Micke on the other hand makes decisions faster and is okay with htings if they are good. Not only this, but also other weddign related issues, for exampel that Micke has not been so keen on planning and I have mostly been doing it, have led to a lot of unnecessary arguments. And as a couple our life mission is not to plan a wedding, so it is not so important if we are bad at planning the wedding.

So the movie got me to wake up. I had a long talk with my mom, she will handle the catering and it will not be so fancy and big anymore. I have been thinking it should be something extra all the time, but what is the point with that really? We don't have the money and isn't it more about having fun with friends and families? And then it does not really matter if all the colors are in the same tone, and if the menu is special enough. It can be more chill, it will still be a great day, and we are going for the maldives afterwards.

And I will have a great wedding dress.

lördag, juni 7

Out of Finland

I don't want to write anything more about my class reunion, so I will move on to other things.

Today we booked our flight tickets for our honeymoon. We will leave the Monday after our wedding and come back the 2nd of March (13 nights). We are going to the Maldives. I am so so exctied! Paradise on earth. Islands with white beaches, cristal clear turques (??) water, a villa on the beach, sunshine, great diving and snorkling. Perfect! Still waiting for confirmation from the hotel, but everything should be in order there. We decided to do it by ourselves, since it took so long for helinmatkat to get things to work and the price was all too high.

After 3 weeks I am going to Costa Rica for summer shool, will be there for a month. I am not as excited about that. I don't even like thinking about it. I can't sleep without Micke. Will I be sleepless for a month? Normally I talk to him on the phone at least 3 times a day, what will I do now? I know it will be okay, and Costa Rica will be great, but I can't think about it, then I just think about how much I will miss Micke. I am just going to go, not do any thinking.

tisdag, juni 3

No inspiration

Have absolutly no blogging inspiration. If I get at some point, I will write about our classreunion (I drank all too much and said so too much - alchol is bad!!!!) and my saturday at our summer cottage.