fredag, juli 3

Pregnancy clothes

Yesterday while I was in the center I really wanted to find a preganncy skirt, you know those that have the soft fabric that come high up on the stomach so you can have it the whole pregnancy. Did I find one? No. I found some ok ones, but in exactly the wrong sizes, like S. I am normally an L (at least never smaller, sometimes bigger). So, no skirt for me.

I have actually only bought 2 pairs of pregnancy clothes. One pair of black pants in week 12 (or similar), did not really need them at thtat time, but did not like when my wokring pants were pressing on the stomach and I tought my stomach would grow faster. But they have been great. The only pants I can wear, and I always have them while working.

The ohter pair is a pair of black leggings, great with dresses and long shirts. But now I wanted a skirt so I can wear my summer tops and t-shirts. But no. I found a bikini instead.

2 kommentarer:

Soffi sa...

Gå å titta på, dom har en del mammakläder där.

också, finns de mammakläder.. :)

du kan ju alltid kolla vad dom har!

Tove sa...

Jag hade samma problem! Jag vill helst ha kläder som 'sticker ut', alla mamma kläder går i samma mönster, och samma gamla tråkiga randmotiv! Till slut beställde jag några storlekar för stora kläder, dom kom bra till pass ;D Byxor hade jag två par, men gick bara med dem ena, dom satt så mycke bättre på! Dessutom är dom så f*rbannats dyra!